Clear CT scan but

My Fiance started getting really bad headaches around the 3rd of july and around the 9th or so we were in the e.r. his headaches were nonstop and didn’t even slightly respond to painkillers. Even IV pain killers. His CT scan showed no tumors or bleeding but now it has been over a month with only worsening headaches. With nausea and changes in mood. Some vision changes but migrating pulsing pain. I just want to know what kind of symptoms you all have had and if your CT scans have missed unruptured aneurysms.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate the help in advanced

Hi Ghabi, what a horrible time you seem to be having, my aneurysm was not missed on CT but was misdiagnosed in the beginning, my GP thought it was sinus problems, the ambulance people thought it was meningitis, if you look here there are lots of us who are misdiagnosed originally do not give up if you think he really is in need of seeing someone, or a second opinion you might just save his life, Jill x

Hi my case a CT showed nothing, but an MRA did show my aneurysm on my basilar artery tip...also, behind left eye...have your fiance contact their general Doctor and tell them your concerns...keep us posted...~ Colleen

my first scan was a MRI and it showed tumors in my basal ganglia but not the annies. Decided to see a different doctor and he ordered a MRA with a different facilty and they found them

I too have terrible head pain that painkillers can not even touch, the good thing is that they knock me out though. I have just learned to deal with the pain, most people don't understand that when I get a headache, (the ones that last more than 30 mins) I am useless. I only want to lay down or cry :) I wish I could give a comforting answer but my doctor and I are still trying to find a solution to the pain without having me doped up 24/7

As for the annies, both my neurosurgeon and doctor don't believe that the two are related.

I had the bad migraines and went into the ER on May 5th. I had a cat scan and it showed nothing... they sent me home and nothing took the pain away. On June 6th I ended up back in the ER and had another Cat scan. I was told there was nothing wrong. 2 days later the hospital called me back in to tell me they see I have an unruptured aneurysm. I was sent to a nerosurgeon he looked at my cat scan from hospital and said I had aneurysm in right eye cavity , to go home and live my life nothing would come of it... I didnt agree the migraines and pain in my neck was unbearable so I went for a second opinion. I had an angiogram and found out my aneurysm was not in a cavity and I had 2 of them side by side....... always go for a second opinion... your body kinda knows when there is something not right..... good luck..

Yes, my original CT was ordered w/contrast and did not find my aneurysm. Later I found out the CT should have been without contrast to look for bleeding or aneurysms. Like Colleen, it wasn’t until a different doctor ordered a MRA, did they find my aneurysm. My symptoms were headaches, balance issues, objective tinnitus, and eye pain to name a few. I agree about getting a 2nd opinion. Do not give up and even if you need more than the 2nd opinion.