Are CT's with contrast good at finding large and small brain annies?

Hello, I’ve been suffering from an unknown headache since September. While I got a CTA at my local hospital, and it came back all clear expect of a sinus infection. Which the antibotics don’t seem to be helping to much, and I’m on my second round of them. I just have OCD and such a fear that these headaches are possible from a brain annie. I tried to get two ER’s to do an MRA today, but they saw no point as according to them CTA’s are 100% effective for large annis and 97% for all the others, and the local neurolist thinks their only mirganes. I’m so so scare dand consumed by fear. I have an order for an MRA, but my insurance as I’m on disablity has a high chance of denying it.

Welcome Necromancer! From my experience, CTs are fantastic at showing aneurysms that have ruptured. People who have a ruptured aneurysm or SAH will definitely have the worst headache of their lives. They are called “thunderclap” headaches. I am on disability for a ruptured aneurysm and my Medicare has always paid for my MRAs, it could be because I’ve already ruptured, I don’t know…

That being said, I wonder why you think you have an aneurysm? Do you have a family history? There are some members here who have had sentinel headaches. Which I think are caused by a leaky aneurysm and they typically are found upon imaging. The absolute best way is of course the angiogram. However, the requesting physician must have something that indicates this invasive procedure needs to be used whether from an MRA or CT and the radiologist who reads the images. Whether a CT or MR is used is dependent upon the requesting physician and the radiologist’s ability to read images.

A sinus headache can be really bad, but there are so many things that can cause headaches like stress, allergies, improper diet or rest, just to name a few. My neurosurgeon shared once that when her husband gets headaches, he too thinks it’s something very serious. She asks him how much water he had to drink and what he has eaten that day. Perhaps getting hydrated and eating properly will help. Hydration will definitely help with a sinus infection. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Mainly worried because the headache slowly built up on the first of September. I’m not used toe headaches, and the er doctor told me that CTA’s are good at finding unruprted ones too. Since mine was with the contrast and they did flat and 3d imanges. No er doctor seems worried, and thinks my headache is still from a sinus infection. Despte the second round of meds, and from reading on here some people’s CTA’s coming back clear, but then an MRA finding an unruprted one. Mainly its my OCD has latched onto this very terrible fear. I used to handle my health anxity by telling myself, my body will tell you when something’s wrong. These things from what I’ve read don’t. Plus last friday had a sudden thorbing in my temples from starting to use the bathroom. it was only quick and lasted a few seconds, but it had brought the fear back 100%, even though the ER doctor when I went last week didn’t think anything of it.

OCD can be difficult to manage Necromancer. But someone taught me when I was very young, if you go looking for trouble, it will find you. My only advice is to stop looking. It sounds harsh, I know, but if you Google symptoms and came across our group, you stumbled on a very rare group indeed. Most folks don’t have brain aneurysms, less folks rupture. You really need to trust the specialists in your area. The ER doc has consulted with the radiologist who is trained to read them. I wish you a healthy, happy life.

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Yes, yes it can be. Even more so with how backed up appointments are. You are right on the if you go looking for trouble it will find you. ( A great example is my bird. My goodness). I had an MRI done( With out contrast) And it came back clear too. Seem’s the infection in my nose has spread also to the right side. So I just need a nose doctor. That’s what’s causing the headaches ( its just been that really, which for a sinus infection is odd. Thus why I was worried) Its good to know brain anni’s are rare, since one er doc said they were common. Its just scary to have learned about, and has left me pralized with fear. I read about your story and I wish you a happy long life too, I hope your woofer is still around too. I’ve just gotta remember two tests came back clear, expect for my nose. ><

CT scan did not discover my unruptured aneurysm but the MRI did. I was treated for sinus infection too. I knew something was wrong with me as well.

Ah, yeah sadly the MRI done yesterday was not with contrast. As the ER didn’t see a need for contrast. >< I’m just still hopping the MRA order I do have gets approved. That’s a scary thing to hear though, that you had a sinus infection as well ontop of your brain anni? Or was it thought just to be a sinus infection before hand. And was the CT with contrast?

I had 2 brain surgeons tell me Annies don’t produce symptoms. I did the research in brain surgery journals myself to verify (very hard to find) and found that there IS a small percentage of annies that produce symptoms like headaches. But it’s most likely something else causing your HA. If CT says clear, I would trust it! I have found dietary triggers cause mine, but I have a long history of headaches.

I must say I disagree with most of you. I was having very bad head aches before I found out I had 3 aneurysms.No that 2 of mine are fixed the head aches are better. Hoping they’ll be rare after my 3rd is fix in January… However that being said they did find mine on a CTA. Then went in for the MRA. Then for the angiogram. So in my opinion if they didn’t find anything on the CTA then I wouldn’t worry.

The MRI is something something going on in my sinus. Despite having been on anti botics. Its more a pressure, popping in my ears and eyes now. :c

It was thought to be a sinus infection. I started having symptoms of vertigo and headaches in April. Headaches and off balance was getting worse. It interrupted my quality of life. Then I was given a strong antibiotics for ear infection in which I didn’t have that either. My CAT came back normal. Every test that was given, came back negative. Doctors wanted to make me feel like it was a mental thing. Last resort was a MRI in which by now, it’s December. That’s when the aneurysm was discovered. Angioplasty was done. Stents and coiling was done. This was in 2016. Today I’m doing fine. No one knows your body like you do. If you feel something is not right, don’t let anyone make you feel like you’re over reacting. If I would have done that, I probably would not have been here today. Praying that everything turns out great for you.

Contrast was used.

Ah, sadly they didn’t use contrast for my MRI at the er. Having to wait on approval from the insurance for the MRI. For now I’m seeing a nose doctor tomorrow, and hopping that it is just that. The CTA ad a normal MRI had come back clear, but showing something off in my left sinus. All I can do is wait and hope that its just my health axitey. None of the ER doctors are listenig to any of my beggint to do a MRA, they think I’m all clear because of the CTA

Hi. A CT scan showed nothing on mine, but a scan 3 months later showed an Annie on an Annie. They were coiled and here I am 14 years later. Am unable to concentrate for long now, but, otherwise life is good. Best wishes. Don’t panic.

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I’ve had two MRA’s with out contrast done, and an MRI (With contrast)All that is showing up, is the sinus thing still. I’ve since been to an ENT, and been on some meds that have lessened the headaches. I’m having surgery done as it will not drain with out, slash their removing some tissuse. Does anyone know if there is a way to close my account here? If not, I’ll let it fall quite. If I’m still having headaches after all this, then I will request that the MRA be done with contrast. I’m also having a test done as I may have sleep apena. Just for the sake of my OCD, every ten years I’ll have an MRA with contrast done. or I’ll always worry. Good luck to all of you here.

Thank you for the update Necromancer. We are glad it’s not an aneurysm.

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