Infundibulum and Thunderclap

About two weeks ago, I had the worst, most sudden headache of my life, it made me sick and confused. I did not go to the ER until 5 days later because I had no idea what it was. My PC doc and the ER doc said it was a thunderclap. The CT report showed there was an outpouring in my A2 cerebral artery. He said it could be an infundibulum or a small Annie ( 3mm). My question is- do infundibulum cause thunderclaps and frequent headaches and unsteady gair?

Just wondering if you ever got any answers on this question you ask…I also I have just recently had a thunderclap with infundibulum

@Abbycat70 has posted or replied to topics frequently over the years. You can either send her a pm or find another topic by doing a search on this site. I need to close it as it’s five years old! But I will wait until tomorrow in case she replies to you.