2.7mm outpouching

Hi, I just wrote a long story and lost it on here (didn't see Colleen's recommendations first). So I will keep my story brief, but am looking for info/suggestions.

After a very, very stressful January and February (a divorce-husband has a girlfriend-working 15 hour days, mold in my house due to a slow leak in a shower, and on and on..). I was finally able to go on the first vacation in 4 years (a cruise for my parent's 80th birthdays). Well, long story short. The second day of the cruise, I was really dizzy and not feeling well and spent most of the day in bed. On the third day I got moving but as we were walking into Antigua, I almost fainted, got severe vertigo, tunnel vision and went back to the room to lay down. After feeling like I was sliding of the bed due to the vertigo, I went to the ship doc. My blood pressure was 181/142 and they sent me by ambulance to Antigua.

I could write a book on the experience there, but will leave it at after laying in my own urine for 5 hours I got the heck out of there. When I finally made it to Tampa General, I could no longer speak clearly, was so dizzy I could not stand up and felt like I would go into a coma if I didn't fight to stay alert.

They diagnosed it as complex migraine with stroke symptoms. But they said that I did not have a stroke, but the MRI did show "a prominent 2.7 mm outpouching/infudibulum of the A1 segment of the right anterior commuting artery. Follow up recommended...It also showed that the A1 segment of the anterior communicating arter is congenitally absent on the left side and the left posterior commuting artery is also congenitally absent. The right anterior cerebral artery is small.

It took me 2-3 days to get my speech back and about 3 weeks for the vertigo to go away. Now I am just slightly dizzy and have had terrible headaches. I am 53. I have had terrible migraines since my 20's.

I live within 3 hours of Mayo clinic in Rochester and have an appointment finally for next week, but I can't seem to stop thinking about the diagnosis. Has anyone had anything similar? What were you told, or did they do anything for you? Thanks so much for your help! Praying for everyone on this site!!

Forgot to menting the part that the "outpouching" is on the opthalmic atery. Could this be why my vision has been decreasing drastically for the last two years?? I get new glasses every 6 months and the last time the doc told me that I have the strongest lense for reading possible--I use a TV screen for my computer screen so that I can "see." I work at my computer all day.

You Know you have my prayers sweetie...it is hard to not worry about this situation...but I think it is so good you are going to a Mayo Clinic...I think they will be so helpful...and move you in the right direction~

~ Sorry about the post disappearing...~ always reminds me of that one missing sock in the dryer ~ where did it go?