I'm home

Surgery went well, and I’m home… Get to take a shower finally… :slight_smile:

Bless you sweety get plenty of rest!!!!

Wonderful News...always good to "be home and to get a shower"...now after the shower...rest and more rest...

Healing Thoughts your way...Colleen

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Been praying for you.

Wonderful news :slight_smile: Rest rest and rest.

Great news - best it’s the best shower you have ever had! I know it was for me when I first got home after so many weeks in the ICU! Take care~


Welocome home warrior....... enjoy the shower and the slumber party..... Just remember its now time to chillax , chillax, chillax.

Best Wishes


Nothing is as good as a nice shower....many wishes for a speedy and quick revocery. God bless!