Had my surgery and now home resting

I had my clipping done on May 6th. The surgery went well and I did not have the bypass. I had a lot of nausea and vomiting from the pain meds they tried. I was on anti-nausea and anti-vomiting meds. I was finally able to keep food down on Thursday. They finally found a pain med I could take orally. The pain has been bearable for the most part.
I was in the ICU until Friday because that was the earliest they could gt me a reegular room. Sleeping has been difficult because I can’t find a comfortable position. Just going to th bathroom, crossing the room or moving to a chair is tiring.
I passed all my tests so I was released today. They do want me to come back in a few weeks for a full PT evaluation. So, I am home now just trying to rest. Thank you for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

Terri So HAPPY to hear from you tonight! Been wondering how you've been doing, how surgery went, etc. etc. !

Now, the 'best part' is just beginning, the "OMG thank God this is over and behind me" (Part 1) is well behind you , nothing but health and healing is before you ! Rest up (And happy Mothers Days to you by the way!)


So thankful of all prayers answered. So good to hear from you Terri. Been praying and thinking of you. Praying each day will get better and better. Remember....One Day at a Time. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....PRAYERS OF HEALING COMING TO YOU EACH DAY. LOL Robin

Good to hear from you Terri ! Thanks for taking time to post your experience with the surgery. I am going tomorrow for mine…Best wishes for a speedy recovery going forward…Happy Mother’s Day…

happy mothers day Teri! so happy for you~remember to rest- that tired feeling is your body asking for rest. I pray you have good support and that you let them help. The physical therapist told me t takes time to build strength but it will come~ be patient, God Bless you and yours! ps as you rest stop by the chat room- we are always there if you want to chat-cu soon !


It is wonderful to get this message from you...that you can send it so clearly barely a week after surgery...

Prayers you find a comfortable position for your rest...for your healing...and Happy Mother's Day..


Welcome Home Terri,

I am happy that all went well for you. I am 17 days post op. I also have been having problems being comfortable sleeping. I have now been using one of those traveling pillows the U shaped type with styro-foam type beads in them. Works for me. Now that the surgery is behind you.... Recovery :o)


Terri, I am so happy for you. Glad all went well with your surgery and hope you find a way or position to rest better.



That is such good news to hear today. Happy Mother's Day. You are still in my thoughts an prayers during your recovery. Take your time and listen to your brain so that you do not rush things.


Splendid news, Terri! Take care and heal-

So happy for you! Now you can rest and recover.