Surgery went well

Hello everyone.. I had my surgery yesterday with coiling w stents.. everything went well im ay home now in my own bed :) just wanted to keep all of you updated.. thanks for all the prayers.. virginia

Hiya Virginia!!!!!Yeaaa! thats wonderful- thanks for thinking of us & sharing-so happy for you! Take care- will keep you in my prayers for quick recouping. Once again you (and others) made my day! Hope to "see" you soon!!

Great news. Glad you are at home and recovering! Take Care of Yourself, Mary

Hope all goes well with recovery. I know you are so glad it is over. Take care not to over do. Even when you feel good and think you can do stuff, you still need to take it easy. Even though you did not have a crainotomy your brain still has had an invasion, so to speak, and needs rest. We will keep you in our prayers. Enjoy life.

That's great news Virginia, i'm glad things went well, take care and rest.

God Bless

Nikki xx

Hi Virginia

I’m so glad you’ve got it over with now rest and recovery good on ya girl

Thanks jimmy

Great news!! Rest lots and get better quickly!!!

Well done Virginia, you must take it easy....

All my best