It's over!

Surgery is over! I feel as well as can be expected… Will post more tomorrow , as I keep falling asleep. .

My love to you all…

Well done Kimberley

I am so glad to hear that your feeling ok … You get some sleep rest will help your recovery I’m praying for you a speedy recovery .

Thanks Jimmy

Kimberley, so happy to hear from you. Get your rest and take care :slight_smile:

Glad to hear everything went well my husband just got thru surgery as well. Praying for a fast recovery :)

Kimberley, so nice to see your smiling face here this morning. so glad that everything went well with the surgery - hope it is the last!! You've been through so much; you're the ultimate survivor.

Oh Kimberley...I was so nervous yesterday, but sending positive prayers your way...I said to my husband last night...I can't stop thinking about Kimberley...and he said...(and trust me hubby remembers nothing)...I thought about her too...You Heal...and Heal...and Give them Hell if you have to...Love and hugs Colleen


I am so glad you are through with the surgery! Nothing but happy times ahead for you! :)



So glad you are now past this. Here's praying that you have a wonderful speedy recovery!




It is all wonderful and magnificent...YOU ARE... Thank you for letting us know; and, that you could email us so quickly tells us a lot. I am so delighted for you...and, for all of us. It is so comforting, so rewarding, for me, for us, to know.

Sleep aid your recovery.

Love and hugs and continued prayer for your continued recovery,


praying for the best for you!

Blessings to you for a speedy and good recovery Kimberly, healing hugs headed your way xxxxxxxx

Glad to hear surgery went well. Here's to a restful recovery, MJ

Wonderful Kimberley! Glad to hear you're feeling ok, lots of rest and taking it very easy...........

Love to you