Post recovery recuperation

Hi all,

I came home November 25th from Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Everything went smoothly and I feel like everything works the way it did before. I'm pretty tired and am resting a lot. I've been decorating for Christmas a little bit here and there. I feel I'm getting stronger every day and can't wait until I'm back to normal if that's possible. Thanks again for all your prayers and well wishes, they really worked for me. If anyone wants to ask me something feel free. I won't say too much now because this is the third time I am typing this after having lost the other text twice. Take care,


hi Bonnie! fellow jeffyian!!!Welcome home! we were chattin about your return and success- so happy for you, rest up and take care! Holiday Blessings to you & yours! thanks for update so we can counter any not so good news

Rest and Heal Bonnie...God Speed ~ Colleen

Happy to hear surgery is over. Rest as much as you can. Take care! Hugs yielded your way

Hello Bonnie, congrats to you, and remember to rest as much as possible. donna w

Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for your update. This is such good news. Thanks be to God!

May you have a full and quick recovery.


Hello Bonnie i'm so happy for you. You made it, you must feel relieved.

Rest as much as you can, you will heal quicker, don't push your self too much.

Take care

love Nikki xx

Hi bonnie, Hope u r well!! It is so great to hear from you so soon after your surgery. Take care and have a happy holiday. donna w