Ped surgery is on the 27th

I would like to hear everyones experiences with the pipeline procedure.

I had my 5mm ophthalmic/internal carotid artery treated with a PED by Dr. Coon on 1/9/2012. I had a slight headache after the procedure, but wasn't sure if it was from lack of food, the prep with Prednisone, lack of coffee, no sleep, the anxiety, or the procedure....and decided it was probably due to all of the above! I was very tired for a few days after, but attributed that to how nervous I was prior to the procedure. I was happy to know that Dr. Coon had performed over 100 of the procedures, and travelled to help train others. I plan to be on Plavix and 325mg of aspirin for a year. I had no problems with either the diagnostic angiogram , or the PED procedure. The worst for me was the anxiety prior to both, and the need to keep my leg straight after both. The care I received by everyone at Hopkins was excellent....couldn't have asked for better. At my follow-up appointment, Dr. Coon told me to "get on with living....just avoid contact sports!" Since I will be 65 in Sept, the contact sports issue is not a problem...ha ha! I do need to try to avoid bumping in to things...I am a I do get a bruise from the meds then. But, I haven't had any significant problems with the Plavix. Good luck with your procedure.....where are you having it done? Rose

I live in Oklahoma, I'm having my surgery at the OU medical Center. My surgeon is one of the top sergeons here but this is new in Oklahoma so a surgeon from New York is flying in to assist him. Not sure his name. Probably one with more experience in PED

I had my pipeline done the end of june and back to work in ausgust. I had two annies one was coiled the other had a wide mouth and it had to have the pipeline . The worst part was waiting to have it done . I had mine done at the Mayo Clinic in jacksonville fl what a great place. I have not had any problems. I felt the pipeline was easier to recover then the coiling but, since it was done second i had an idea what to expect so i wasn't as nervous. You will do fine How big is your annie. Mine was 1o mm. And how did they find you had it? take care i am 61 years young

Let us know how you do…I will be thinking of you…Rose

Mine is 9mm, it was found when i started having balance problems and they did an mri

i got the worst headache of my life and went to the er when they did a test they found them but, i had had verigo for about ayear before and think that was the start of it. But until the headache i never ha any test. But, you will do fine just keep postive and work at feeling better. The most important thing is lost of rest after so you will feel better . Keep us posted Thanks Dot

My experience was very positive. It's hard to believe it was 18 months ago and I can still remember everything like it was last week. After the surgery was a blur until I got out of ICU the next day. I was good for the first part of the day but then my head starting hurting and nothing they gave me would take away the headache. I couldn't eat or walk and all I wanted to do was sleep but the attending dr's were mad because they wanted me to walk (to prevent clots in my legs). I talked my dr into letting me go home on the 3rd day because I said I would feel better after a hot shower and a home cooked meal and for the most part I was right.

I stayed home for a week and half after the surgery and pretty much slept the entire time. Things were fuzzy for me for a while; I got headaches, confusion, fatigue, etc. I even almost lost my job because it was hard to focus and I couldn't handle the stress (my new boss was a B when she started).

18 months later, I don't get headaches as often, but I still get pain in the annie site and I have to take medicine to prevent migraines as those have become worse. I have an angiogram tomorrow actually to see if the annie is gone finally.

I had a rough time in the beginning, but I'm so glad I had it done. It's much better than the outcome!

Thank you all for sharing. It really helps.

Dawn, how are you doing? Rose

I just had a PED placed on March 27th. I also had Dr Coon whom is truly an amazing, caring man. Also can't say enough about John Hopkins hosp and staff. Are you as anxious as I am. I just can't seem to pull myself together. Fear is a terrible thing.