How many participants are from Texas?

I am from Keller, TX, closer to Ft Worth.

I am trying to decide where it would be best to host a walk; preferably a place with low cost so mote money can go to education and awareness.

I hope everyone is doing well. You all stay in my thoughts and prayers.

Dana...I have only been to Dallas and San Antonio...loved them both...but for a walk....I'd recommend San Antonio... along the river, etc...

Whatever you do...I regret I cannot be there walking beside you...for numerous committed to all you have done in memorium to your my sense of warmth of San Antonio...and, so much in between...

I hope / pray for you to connect with all your peers in reflect aneurysms from 1 - 100, being brought forward... I wish I could even express my sensitivity to you all...



Thank you for the very kind words. I believe there is a survivor in San Antonio that is very active so I certainly don’t want to intrude on what she is already doing. This walk/run will most likely be held in Keller again or at one of the local community colleges. With this being our first larger walk in support of BA, I don’t want expenses eating up monies that could go to education and awareness. I’m working out the details now so I can start pleading to TV and Radio stations to discuss HR 1070, our progress and to bring recognition to the walk. I plan to continue hosting an annual event in honor of Taylor but I know no matter what I do, he is with me. I wish you could be here with us as well but know you will be in your heart because we all know BA awareness is such a worthy cause considering the destruction left on families and friends.

I enjoy your replies, they are very uplifting. Having proudly stood before the Texas House, I was so proud and on fire to get started but have found this non-profit to be a little different than the ones I have collegues representing. None the less, great support system and I know we will be successful spreading the word about TX recognizing September as BA Awareness month.

Hugs and kisses,


i live n the dfw area..mesquite to be exact..whiterock lake n dallas is a popular place for fundraising events..