Hormonal Changes After Coiling

Hi There!

I'm new to the community. I had a stent assisted coiling of a 8-9mm unruptured ICA aneurysm about 6 weeks ago. Although I was already perimenopausal, I went immediately into what feels like it must be full blown menopause-hot flashes multiple times a day, difficulty sleeping, and no periods since a month before the surgery. Has anyone else experienced this? I am also having some word finding difficulty both when speaking and making silly mistakes when typing. I am very interested to hear of others experiences. Thanks!

Hi Sarah and welcome to BAF

I was already in perimenopause when my annies were found, but nothing has changed. My surgery was over 6 months ago although I do make more mistakes typing and I have found that thinking of words some times is difficult. I call this "mental pause" LOL

Best wishes for continued recovery!

YEAH>>>>>> Some one else.......Thank you so much!!! I'm dee..44 had a SAH @ 42 hadn't had my period for 3 months prior to my rupture...was no chance of pregnancy...after rupture went into full blown all out menopause it was nasty. I went doc to get some answers and that's what it was >

Thanks Linda and Darcy. I love the "mental pause" idea!!! I was definitely wondering whether I went into menopause due to effects on my hypothalamus or pituitary from the aneurysm or surgery (which would be reflected in a low FSH) or whether it was true menopause from ovaries stopping estrogen production (which would be the usual high FSH.) I thought of asking for testing but it doesn't really matter. It wouldn't make a difference since its not like I want to have any more children and I can't take hormones due to other health issues so it doesn't really matter. Still, when you're laying awake at night sweating then chilling then sweating - you can't help wondering what caused it---and why it all had to happen at the same time!!!

i was already in menopause due to a hysterectomy about 2 years ago but since the aneurysm surgery, the hot flashes have seemed to come back with a vengeance. it hardly seems fair, huh?

Exactly. It doesn't rain but it pours (sweat that is!). Oh well. Just one more thing to overcome and have it make us stronger right?

My annie ruptured and led to A SAH and there was obviously alotof sweling of the brain which puts pressure on your pitutary gland which is responsible for hormones . I am only 30 years old so no "mental pause " here lol but I have ALWAYS had good skin , never had to try with creams hell I didn't even wash my face before bed . But now you would thing I was a 13 year old going thru puberty. lol. I'm not sure if it is a direct effect from the swelling or just coincidence.

Sorry I didn't respond Amanda. I just saw your reply now for some reason. How are you doing now? My "menopause" or whatever it was lasted only about 2 months and now has mysteriously disappeared. I'm sure I will have to go through it for real but hopefully not for a couple of years at least!

Hi Sarah...keep in mind...it is still early in the Healing stages from your surgery to tell "what is what"...now that being said...seems that alot of us who have annies and they are found and we have surgery are all at that age of peri~menopausal...(40's)...and it seems like (in my opinion) that the stress of this entire journey sticks us right into menopause...I too have felt this ... however, some of those symptoms you are having do improved after more healing time...I don't have the sweats anything like I first did from surgery...

Just know you are not alone...and sometimes it sucks to be a women...hahahha...!