I first found out about Annie one year ago and on Thursday I received the call a was dreading. On Monday I will be admitted to Walton Liverpool for coiling and I'm not too sure what to expect. Can anyone tell me what's on store for me?

Hi and Welcome to BAF ~

Glad you found our site...First, it is good your brain aneurysm was found before rupture...mine was 9mm and leaking...I was coiled almost 3 years ago...and here I am a survivor...Everyone is different and I wasn't the typical I will let others respond...Just know it takes rest and time to heal...Cyber~prayers and thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

Thank you. I'm glad you are well. It's getting past my bedtime in the isle of man so need to sign off now. Was nice to hear from you.

Maybe speak tomorrow x

Our thoughts & prayers will be with you. February 2012 I had a ruptured aneurysm and an unruptured one was discovered also. I had coiling on both. Was in the. Hospital 38 days, developed cataracts from the surgery to get all of the blood from my optic nerves. I returned back to work full time February 2013. The coils in the ruptured aneurysm compacted & I had to go back & have more coils put in it. That was in August. I look at the “re-do” as maintenance. Cars need check ups/oil/gas. We’ll ever so often I might need more coils. Please let us know how you are doing. Peace to you.

Wow. That's no time at all really. I'm happy to hear that you are well. May I ask how big yours was?

Oh dear. Sounds like you have been through it. I'm so scared. It's the unknown for me. Are you feeling better now?

I had a pipeline stent for one of my aneurysms ( I have 3 ) in January this year at the Royal London Hospital,was out in 2 days,I felt very well,minor discomfort around groin entry site but very manageable

It was my first time in hospital & I was concerned,but when it came to the actual op & they were taking me down,I just seemed to hand myself over to them & I was surprisingly calm

I know everyone is different,but my recovery was very good,I went for a walk the day after I got out from hospital & then did gentle walks every day,I found it worked for me

How lucky you are to be having this procedure ( sorry lucky seems the wrong word,but I think you will know what I mean,English SOH) at the Walton,it is the leading brain hospital,you will have great minds looking after you,I look forward to hearing how well you are doing

take care

I am doing really good. Since the most recent coiling my vertigo is gone. I was off work for a week so I am back at work full time. Short term memory is a small issue but at 58 yrs old not every thing is worth remembering. Lol! I sympathize with you. The waiting is the worse. I may have a twisted outlook but I was dreading the I.V. More than the surgery. The first surgeries were emergency surgeries. I was out of it- not in a coma but not in any condition to make decisions. I have 20days that I can’t recall. My neurosurgeon is a gem. She explained everything to my fiancé & grown children& they went from there.