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My husband suffered a ruptured brain aneurism four years ago in April. Fortunate with recovery after his month long hospital stay followed by physical and occupational therapy. This was treated with coiling. We followed up with checks one year, two years then four years. Unfortunately at the four year--discovered the coils did not hold, the aneurism returned and had unruptured "clamp" surgery this time. Wondering if anyone knows of addiitonal sites for more recent research on the failing coils? Biggest concern now is short term memory loss after one month? Just curious and trying to deal with working my full time job and with the aid of our 21 year old son home for the summer from college--running my husband's food and catering business. He knows and can tell us what to do, just doesn't remember that he's told us. Can anyone share info/stories?

I had clipping done 2 1/2 years ago. Unruptured aneurysm. I know coils can fail sometimes due to the shape of the aneurysm. Sometimes I think I have some short term memory issues but my wife just says I’m 54! Maybe your husband could write out instructions for you. Put a check mark next to it when the instruction is given then an X when it is done. You could even write check = assigned X= done. That would help him remember and have more of a feeling of control.

Hi Cindy...And Welcome to our Forum...!

I believe that not only us with annie's are Survivor's...but those who care for too...are a isn't easy to care for us...but we are blessed with those that do...

I had a leaky 9mm annie on my basilar tip...and one annie they are watching...the 9mm annie was coiled in November...I go next week for my 6 mos...angio...and I am anxious to see what they say about my coils...lately it seems many have had failed coils...something they (Doc's) don't tell you before the surgery...I am anxious to see what others share with you on this subject...

My short term memory is ok...but other things are not "new normal"...I am not sure anyone can say what happens to each of us...after our brains have been touched...

Healing thoughts out to Hubby...Fondly ... Colleen

My husband’s surgeon did inform me when they opted to do the coils the first time four years ago that the procedure had only been used widely for about 15 years and did not have enough research to know how they would hold up–thus having to do angios on a scheduled basis. For my husband, whom they discovered only has one operating kidney probably from premmie birth, the constant contrast testing could also be dangerous to his health since he was only 55 at the time. The surgeon’s choice to do the coils the first time took into account a few different factors–mostly the trauma of the bleed and location. At that time, however, what could I say–do what you know best! I do appreciate any and all feedback that anyone has to share.

Thank you for the suggestion–I will definitely try this–I hope to get some more tips from his occupational therapy so that I may continue it myself. Right now the hardest dealing is finding his wallet in the morning before I send him to his job with my son who actually has the luxury of watching him while working. I’ve decided that I need to secure his wallet each night so that I know where it is.

Cindy, So sorry you are having to deal with this. My husband had a rupture 5 years ago and had the aneurysm clipped. His short term memory was affected. Thankfully, he can, like your husband, remember what he did prior to surgery. It’s difficult to explain to people, and difficult to understand. He has made enormous improvement!! Takes time to heal. We used a lot of Post It Notes, an he uses his pocket calendar to jot down notes to himself. Thankfully he has always had a positive attitude and has kept his sense of humor. It’s great your son can be there for you. Prayers.

My co-worker who's had no experience with this at all other than what I share with her everyday immediately suggested Post it Notes--thanks for reiterating how well it works. When you say his short term memory was affected; does he still experience that today after 5 years. What about driving and working; have you had to deal with this still?

My husband’s aneurysm ruptured and he had a brain bleed. Recovery time is much longer if there is a brain bleed. We are so fortunate to have him with us today. Cindy, he drove at three months, but quite by accident. I got in the passenger seat, and we were a couple of blocks away when I realized he was driving! And he did just fine. I wouldn’t let him drive solo for several months -and then he drove just around our area. Unfortunately he lost his sense of direction, which was very keen. However, that even keeps improving. He still has short term memory issues, but we can cope with that. We travel all over the country now. Sold our big 5th wheel and got a jeep and smaller travel trailer (less stress). We want to alleviate stress whenever we can :slight_smile: Please keep in mind, Cindy, and I’m sure you have heard this a lot, everyone is different, and recovers at a different pace. It is hard to predict. The Dr. said we would be able to tell at nine months what the outcome would be. He has improved so much since then. He was 60 at the time of his aneurysm and was retired, so we haven’t had to deal with the important issue of holding down a job. Hang in there!! Prayers.

The occupational thearapist will be an excellent resource. There are loads of adaptive devices many of which are inexpensive yet invaluable to those that use them. With the care he is receiving and a loving wife and son in his corner I’m sure he will do fine.