Birth control post coiling


I realize this is a bit of a personal topic, but I figured we are all in this together and what's more personal than a brain aneurism anyway? So, I just wondered if anyone new about the risks of being on birth control (Specifically Nuva-ring) after a coiling procedure... My GYN told me to get off birth control as soon as I told her about my aneurism. (Before the surgery) However, my neurosurgeon said that they never tell anyone to get off of birth control. I just found it odd that it wasn't discussed and that my doctors weren't on the same page. The risk associated with birth control is blood clotting....but again, my neurosurgeon had no concerns.

Does anyone have any insight?

Thanks! Kelly

Personal topics is what we do best Kelly!

I have no insight into this as I have never taken any birth control and don't need it now lol, but hope that you get the answers you need. Am curious is anyone else has any insight!

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I have no idea either. on a different note, my reg doc won't prescribe me my ADD meds because of the anuerysm, so I have been trying to research why. I hope you find some answers!

Hi Kelly,

After my surgery, 43 years ago, my neurosurgeon warned against taking birth control pills. My gynecologists since then have all been against my taking birth control pills or having hormone therapy because of the risks.

I am now an ambassador for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. Last week, during an event that I participated, I noted that taking birth control pills were highlighted as an "increased" risk factor for stroke. The following excerpt is from Science Daily

"There are about 4.4 ischemic strokes for every 100,000 women of childbearing age. Birth control pills increase the risk 1.9 times, to 8.5 strokes per 100,000 women, according to a well-performed "meta-analysis" cited in the article. (A meta-analysis combines the results of multiple studies.) This is still a small risk; there's one additional stroke for every 25,000 women who take birth control pills, according to the article.

But for women who take birth control pills and also smoke, have high blood pressure or have a history of migraine headaches, the stroke risk is significantly higher."

I have often found that my gynecologist has great insight into what's going on with me medically. For example, he's aware of and has discussed and highlighted issues with my seizure meds and he was more aware of the problems with my allergic reaction to Vicryl sutures than the orthopedic surgeon who used them in my surgery, just to give a couple of examples. This is a long way of saying, you may want to listen to your GYN. He or she usually has a long term relationship with you.

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Hi Kelly I have read what everyone else has said but my ns and Dr were happy for me to go back on microgyn 30 a combined pill and I am now on depo proVera and they are happy with that aswell so I would say get a second opinion.

I had a rupture a year ago since then have had 3 coiling procedures . I wasn't on any birthcontrol but wanted to get back on it . Same thing here my primary doc was very against the idea she said absolutely no hormones for me but my neurosurgeon said go for it ,my GYN suggested a low dose pill. I decided the hell with it ,is it really worth the risk , for me its not . So now I'm a trojan girl ,lol

My GYN ending up saying as long as my blood pressure was in check that I could go back to the Nuvaring, but after hearing everyone else on this site, I just don't feel comfortable. Thanks everyone for such great feedback! I agree, it's just not worth taking any risks when there are alternative methods available as well.