From a pity party to a positve party.......all invited x

hi ya Peeps, friends of old and new........

Not checked in for a while, had loads of stuffs to do, including throwing myself a pity party. Kinda got to a point where i'd gotten fed up of saying how well I feel and how grateful I am to the new Me, and then BANG !!!!!! along comes another unexplained headhurty that lingers for bloody days, weeks in fact to which I begin the annie guessing game,

Is it the small amount of excercise I have just begun to feel comfortable with?, am I or the docs for that matter really that sure I am not doing more harm than good?

Is it the fact that for a few days I actually forgot I was a new me and had slipped into my old me way of thinking and doing too much " old ME Normal" thinking and normal stuffs? Like being a wife, mother, friend, an un-annie person.....

I put it down to the weather, too hot, too cold, too humid, take cover a storm is brewing, All I need now is the little boy n girl popping out of my eyes sockets like the old fashioned weather barometers. How novel would that be...tee hee.

Maybe its that time of the Month?..... Sorry guys, us girlies have got one more non annie related explanation for the new non annie realted headhurys than you! Na na na naaaaa...

And then just when you have had enough and want to SHARE, (SWEAR, SCREAM, SHOUT) that No I don't feel bloody blessed to have found annies and had coiling before rupture and walked away a better, grateful, person, (to which at times I have liked to think I have.) I'm sorry but at times I really don't want to thank him upstairs that he blessed me to live a life I don't understand, or deserved to have the old me replaced by a new me, or my husband a new wife and my daughter a new mommy. Although ask them and I know they are happy with wot they got!!!!!:) Beggars can't be choosers..hahahaha. If I was truly blessed I would still not know wot an Aneurysm was never mind be the lucky owner of two.

Then the calm comes, and I realise that its because the headhurty is getting less miserable so I can stop trying to diagnose why it started- this time.... I can stop asking my 8 year old to stop singing so loudly, love her to bits but Britney Spears she ain't, ........

I actually notice the look of relief on my Hubbys face when I reply " Yes.... Today I do feel better.... and we both realise that today, I actually mean it.

Back to the new me, feeling grateful that I am here to feel the relief once the headhurtys stop and think myself lucky and so much more fortunate than those who have no relief days. And I guess I am blessed that on my good days I am here to either forget for a time or feel somewot guilty for shitty non blessed feeling days...I f ya get ma drift...

So here you have my somewot overdue absence note ...... And as I say i've been having me a pity party and call me selfish but this time around no one was invited ..... Until today that is ......As I'm throwing myself a postive party as tomorrow has finally arrived and I'm having my 1st Angio.....yaaaaaaay..... woooop.... woooop...... Wow here's a thought...wonder if that may have contributed to my latest head hurty somewot!!!!!! All the excitement of having confirmation that all is looking good with Aprils coiling and no change on the wait n see annie i have been babysitting so well.

Fingers and tootsie crossed and any spare prayers floating around muchly appreciated.

Will check in again very soon and hopefully can ge the celebrations started.

Hoping all you guys are feeling great, and for those not feeling so good, hope you get bettered up yesterday

Best Wishes as always

Gaynor x


Very well said...I could have writen that myself a few days ago.. Bad, bad week last week... Like you I was woundering why did I have to find out and did I do the right thing by getting clipped.. Today.. is a much better day, Thank GOD..

My prayers and thoughts are with you and myself and all of the others just like us... That one day very soon, we WILL feel great, with NO more really bad days.. Just peace and happiness..

Hugs and Kisses..



i second this!

Prayers for you on your angio!


i can only say that the more time goes by the better you will feel…ur probably like “yea…float that terd to someone else” having been thru a ruptured anny n just made it to my 2 yr annyversary. the 1st yr is a roller coaster…u dont know why this happened…none of us do…all we do know is that we were spared, the reasoning behind it may not be answered today, tomorrow hell it may be yrs…the main thing is your family is still lucky enuff to have you with them…n nobody says living is butterlies n unicorns…lol…we have good n we have bad days…its what makes us strong…i hope ur days get easier, the headaches take a long walk on a short plank…lol…n lifes expectations become all u imagine…just remember those days that you might feel like giving up, that guy upstairs has never given up on you… ur here for a reason to keep being a mom,wife and backbone for ur family…life will get better…love n prayers coming ur way


Thanks for the insight, I am 4 months post op and 7 months since diagnosis. Mine was unruptured. I was beginning to wonder if this rollercoaster will stop at any time. I am so ready to get off of it!! As like everyone else, i struggle with fatigue, headaches/migraines, and the psycho stuff of this illness. I guess I'm having a pity party now! Oh well, life does go on and I'm happy to be here today!

Thanks again for your words of wisdom for the future outlook!


Hi Peepette...and Happy Halloween...!

I will come to your party...if you will have me...hahaha...!

I too...since moving to the other having a hard time with my head...the stress of the change and the cold causing more you...somedays...I try so hard not to say a word...and then I have had enough and go...chit...I feel awful...then many days it is's all is different everyday...learning to listen to my body each day too...must do this...those days you are not so good...perhaps not good to exercise, etc.,

You and everyone here have my prayers...Now..."Let's Party...for PITY"....just for

Love and hugs colleen

ur very welcome karen…it hurts my heart to see so many bad symptoms happening to so many, but it is good to know theres a light at the end of this dark tunnel…keep ur head up…:wink:

ooh i atend thoe all the time ::)))))) and regardless keep the party going !!!

have you tried to tie your head in a bandanna?? i do it helps. ::))


Been thinking of you and hoping that all was going as best as could be expected. You always have a way with expressing things that most of us think and one time or another, and I thank you for that. And you even make me laugh!!

Sooooooooo I'm ready for that party, whenever it is, whether it be a pity party, a celebration or just a yaaaaaa....woooop....wooopppp party I'm there!!! LOL

Best wishes as always and hope you're feeling better every day!