Hello y'all, New & Old

Well this is for all the new folks on here.. First, this is the place to be.. This site saved me. I could talk about ANY thing. The good, the bad and the ugly feelings I was going threw. Every one "got" it and understood.. So, let out ALL the feelings you have here..

Family and friends are awesome, but no body gets "it" like we do.

Second, it's IS scary. And it does suck. BUT, there are a ton of us that have made it. I am 2.5 years "clipped" and doing great!!!! My "other" annie is still on the watch and wait program, it looked smaller on my last CTA.. No problems to report. Have lost some of the hair again on my scar area.. :( but hey, I'm great.. I did get treated for PTSD, which I highly recommend. It was hard to be around lots of noise and people, but that's better. I just have to take a deep breath and tell my self "I'm Ok"

New folks, take it slow after surgery, your energy will get better..

If any one needs to chat I'm here..

Last thing.. Be grateful, grateful your alive!!

Love you all,

Grateful for this site and every one here..

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank Jim,

You know... Been living life..

How are you doing??

hi pw!! we missed you, good to see you back, thanks for the uplifting message and yes improvents sooo slow we must reflect back years to even comprehend it anyways welcome back- you have made my day since i wonder what has happened to so many oldy but goodies! thank you again yours and the others kindness has kept me sane imo!! see you around hopefully!

Aww thanks, I often wonder how every one is.. You know life.. I'll be on here more..

Thanks, I missed y'all too... I sure hope EVERY one from back then is doing good..

This site made my days better, even the darkest ones. And made me laugh my butt off, some of the stuff we've posted on here... LOL

So great to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!

I sent a request!

Glad you are well- I was just wondering how you are...

I agree with all you said and am living life as well- as you, this site was a "lifesaver" for me. I may want to talk with you further about your PTSD treatment- I am almost 4 years out....Merry Christmas!

So glad to see you!!!

My PTSD treatment was a great therapist.. She was awesome.. I still have days, like in BIG crowds..


Great to see you back. I hope the headaches resolved as well. Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.


Just answered your first...again, welcome back...

Will you please share more info on your PTSD treatment? Who did the referral? Who provides it?

Did your insurance readily cover it?

Again...Merry Christmas...