Me again!

Hi ya peeps,

soooooo as you may recall how I blogged last week at how bloody fantastic things were going for me n my new post Annie life....well... BAMMMMMMM, the next day after my post I got me a head hurty, not the thunderclap headache we all dread, but more the tension pain in the ass kind of headache, very much like the one that I nursed after my coiling surgery, and the blooming thing is still lingering almost a week later, although glad to say bettering up now. I should have known that bragging would come back n bite me on the butt.... tee hee... Plus sitting at my pc rattling on about my good fortune probably didn't help!!!!!

And seriously, I'm not blogging for sympathy, as still feel soooooo very fortunate to have come this far, just thought it may be helpful to share with you that, for all the good weeks we may have and feel fortunate and great about, and perhaps get a little excited and in my case over ambitious, there are sure to be a few head hurtys along the way, and i'm figuring, we are rewarded these head hurtys as warning signs to make us take note...or in my case a TIME OUT!!!!!! to reflect on the fact that although we should all strive to recover to our best ability, we should also know our boundries, Which I feel has been my lesson for this week, and one that I thought I would share and accept that, just cuz I am sooo very lucky to be able to do what I can do, it doesn't necessarily mean i have to do it all yesterday... we are all blessed for a reason and i guess the reasons are to give hope, understanding and to share with other hows about somone sharing half of my headhurty for the weekend hahahaha.....

Hope eveyrone is continuing to be well, and for those not feeling so good my thoughts are with you and hoping you shall feel better tomorrow.

Best Wishes


maybe you had a change in weather? That happens to me ALOT.

Hi Gaynor,

It's good that you have learned your boundries...LOL...I keep thinking boundries "what's that?"..LOL

I still need to learn my boundries.. :-)

Take it easy and enjoy your times without headaches..Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers



Hi Laurie,

Me thinks the weather may also be a factor, its been 102 + in texas since my moving a month ago, but this week we had a big change and mucho needed rain in the early hours so perhaps I am now the proud owner of a built in weather berometer.... just hope no little dolls pop in n out of my forehead with watering cans like the old weather clocks :) Or am i just being cuckoo...tee hee

Thanks Kimberley,

I may of learnt my boundries...but no doubt I too shall cross them now and again... bull, china shop, springs to mind!!!!! I seem to be in more TIME OUTS! now than when I was little.:)

Hope you see some inprovements from the bubbles sooooooon x

Gaynor x


Why is it that as soon as we brag about feeling better, something slaps us back to reality to say, whoaaaaa girl, you just need a lil more of "you time". It's good to see your sense of humor in the midst of your head hurtys (I do like that saying, I just may have to borrow that!!!!) is still in tact.

Keep happy thoughts and I'll send lots of prayers and hugs your way. And, give me that head hurty and I'll send it the way we sent Huricanne Irene packing right up the coast!!!! LOL

Best wishes,



Hi Gaynor:

Sorry that you've had a little set back. Three and a half weeks ago I was telling friends and family that I was back to normal. I felt great had lots of energy and enthusiasm and then bang, I got a migraine headache, and then had either a migraine or the Ora for three and a half weeks and was very tired. I was sooooo disappointed, thought that I was back to normal, and I will be but it is just going to take a little more time. You say about your boundaries, well I just wish I knew where my were, they seem to vary (I guess depending on the stress level at the time) and there is no pre-warning to almost reaching that boundary. You'd think that I'd start to get tired or get a bit of a headache or something instead of just "nope, times up", crash and burn. So anyway, it's been 3 and a half weeks and I'm finally feeling better, not so tired, headaches are just that and tolerable, don't always need to take something. It's been over 8 months since my burst annie and I've improved in leaps and bounds and will continue to, am very very greatful for my life and everything in it, so even with my set back I'm still optimistic that life is going to be great. So even though you don't want sympathy, you've got mine as I know first hand how disappointing it is to have a set back. Sort of like Christmas when you're all pump up and excited for that doll and end up getting an apron instead, lol.