has anyone else had the artery reopen after having a coiling in a annie?? i did 2 days after surgery and my thigh turned black and blue reallll bad. its been 3 wks and my leg still feels numb and sore anyone else experience this after surgery on the groin artery??

Debbie, I just notice your post. Yes, 1 month after my 2nd craniotomy, while doing my daily walking I noticed my right leg was feeling funny. Kept walking thinking it would go away, but got much worse,couldn’t hardly walk.U/S showed clot - right upper groin where they had last gone in for Angiogram during surgery. Vascular Doc ended up have to clamp off artery & scrape out clot, it would not budge with the balloon, I had some bruising but not that bad… but tender and sore for a least 6 to 8 weeks. Anyway, that was Feb. 2010 and I just had another arterial U/S done because of some,soreness, tingling& tenderness etc. No clots seen, but a very slight narrowing at the groin area was noted. Doc told me because of the bending in the femoral artery area it may feel tender from time to time/watch constricting clothing & to take a 80 mg.baby asprin every day, although because of a previous coiled annie I have to check w/Neurologist. Good luck to you.