Groin Pain After Coiling?

I have had pain, sometimes severe, in my right groin since endovascular coil embolization and stenting. . I actually did have some pain before that-mostly trouble sitting crosslegged-but after the surgery it has sometimes been so bad I can't walk. Like today-at work and limping around in pain. I did have a blood clot there from the surgery but by ultrasound that has resolved. xrays and mri were all normal. I got 3 different opinions from 2 orthos and a rheumatologist-bursitis, torn labrun, and arthritis. No one thinks related to the surgery but it was no where near this bad before the surgery. It was just decreased ability to turn my leg outward. Now its pain and trouble walking. I did PT for 6 weeks which if anything made it worse. I suspect it has something to do either with the blood clot or with my leg being kept at that angle for hours during angiogram and then surgery. Has anyone else had this?

HI Sarah...both angio's .. I had groin pain...the first time I had a bleed so that really hurt...2nd took about 2 weeks to heal...but I found my groin hurt for about 2 part...once in a while..."out of the blue" I will get awful pain in the groin...and not sure why? I too, never experienced b4 angio's...however, it isn't constant and your's sounds this way...alot has changed physically since surgery and Doc's say "nothing to do with surgery"...I beg to different, but I am not a Doctor...

I hope you find some relief...have you thought of "Pain Management"?

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen. It's kind of gone today-not completely but just a little sharp pain but I know if I walk more than a block or any strenuous exercise it will come back and then I won't be able to walk without pain for days. I've been thinking about trying acupuncture.

To Be honest groin and leg...didn't feel right for almost one month...I think that artery takes time to heal...keep us posted...~


What kind of closure was done on your femoral access after the catheter / sheath were removed?

A patch w/RN pressure...or one of the apx three-times as expensive surgical sutures?

It is wildly dilbertonian to imagine the medicalese for a suture placement; i.e. a metallic, or a plastic, artifact... or whatever else.

Prayers you get answers / diagnosis your neuro and/or an approrpriate referral.

Sarah, I do acupuncture for a lot of things...even for reducing tinnitus... For a tender spot on my skull (even with the minimally invasive coils) my acupuncturist would not treat it until I had it checked bya neuro...another story...

I also use the activator (the light touch kind) chiropractic care and cherish it...

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