Going to see my neurosurgeon in 15 hours what questions should I ask

I’m going for my first appointment with my neurosurgeon in 15 hrs
I can’t think what questions I need to be asking. I was told last week that I have a 7.2 mm aneurysm internal ICA of the large cerebral arteries can anyone give me any help on what to ask please

Thanks Jimmy

I answered this the other day Jimmy...make sure you want to know why one procedure is better for you then another? ~and to the Doctor...What would you do? Write down any and all questions...and have another person there to hear the Doctor along with you...

Gotcha in my prayers, let us know how things go...Cyber~hugs Colleen

hi jimmy,

carole posted these very helpful questions on another post...i think they can help you as well

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Here are my questions edited of most personal info. Since I didn't go for a post-op check they won't be directly applicable to you but you can use these to stimulate ideas for your own questions.

1. Statistics: How many coiling procedures are performed at this hospital each year?

  • how many have you performed?
  • What is the treatment success rate?

2. Does this hospital or you use either pipeline embolization or onyx glue embolization for treatment of brain aneurysms? If yes:

  • when were these procedures first used
  • how many of each procedure has been performed so far, and
  • what, “in general” is the criteria for using these procedures

3. If pipeline embolization or onyx glue embolization is not used at in this hospital or by you, please explain why not.

4. My purpose for having an angiogram is to obtain information about the current status of my known aneurysms and to determine if they have grown or if there are others present.

Per our discussion last week, you asked permission to perform the angiogram and to only proceed with any coiling should you find that there is an aneurysm posing such a threat to me that immediate treatment would be the most prudent thing to do.

  • What criteria would be used to judge a “significant” threat, e.g., size, shape, location, change from last measurement?
  • Will I be awake or asleep during the procedure?

5. How soon after the angiogram will I receive the results of the test and be presented with options for next steps?

6. When and why is a CTA used instead of an angiogram and vice versa?

7. Allergy concerns:

8. Pre surgery meds:

  • I normally take the following meds each morning that I have concerns about missing for possibly a full day: What is your recommendation for taking these medications on the day(s) of the treatment.
  • I have also been taking the following medications daily for the past 6 weeks. Should either of these be discontinued before the surgery and if so, for how long?

9. Recovery time - I have planned to take 2 days off from work and work from home the following week. Is this reasonable based on your actual experience with patients with asymptomatic unruptured aneurysms?

  • When should I be able to resume other normal activities such as:

i. Driving

ii. Exercising – aerobic and anaerobic

iii. Having a massage?

iv. Singing (I’m a soprano)

10. After a coiling procedure:

  • What side effectsare experienced most frequently by patients who undergo a coiling procedure?
    • Are vasospasms an issue?
    • Are seizures an issue?
    • What medications are routinely prescribed?
    • How soon after the treatment is the first follow-up visit?

11. Would it be possible to have another appointment to visit to clarify expectations prior to the scheduled angiogram?

12. The CT scan report that I gave you mentioned a lesion in the left side of my brain. What is the significance of this?

I hope these are helpful to you and perhaps to someone else. They prompted a really good discussion with my doctor (I sent them via e-mail).

Take care.


Hi everyone

I’d first like to say thanks to everyone who has given me help and advice since I came to this forum group. I don’t know what I would have done without your support .

I’ve just got back from my appointment with my neurosurgeon he has recommended the coiling procedure for me as he only does the open surgery (clipping I think he means ).

He said the the 3 surgeons who work for him that carry out the coiling procedure are all very good and said that I won’t have a problem with any of them he also said that they would write to me and arrange for me to go and see one of them
When I go in they would do the anigo then if everything was ok they would carry on with the coiling if there was any reason that they thought they couldn’t carry out the coiling I would be referred back to him to look at open surgery .
He said not to worry he didn’t think there would be any reason that they wouldnt be able to perform the coiling procedure

I feel a lot better now knowing which way I’m going he also said to stop smoking and try losing a little weight this will help with the aneurysm

Again I’d like to thank you all so much for your prayers and advice
Thanks Jimmy

yes sir!

i stopped smoking october 13th 2009 the day of my rupture...dr says either quit or risk having another anny/rupture..puts too much strain on ur blood vessels..and were not getting any younger..im 43 now n would so much enjoy living alot longer..;)


It sounds just like mine - I got my angio first and then the neuro radiologist scheduled the actual coiling procedure date...it was all done within 3 months. I was of course very worried and scared, but it all went well and I was back to normal the next day. Only thing slowing me down at that time was the plug in my artery... and I was back in running within 10 days.



Hi jimmy,
So glad you actually know now which road your heading down…
I didn’t have the coiling- I had a 13 mil clipped so I can’t give you any advice only that it is a really scary time!!! Just read lots and ask every question you can- no matter how silly it may sound. Another thing I found helpful was to get my husband to read up on everything for the support and funnily enough he knows more than me now! This seems to be the most important road to success is having a good support network. This site is brilliant but when it comes to someone dishing out your meds or just stroking your forehead or even just saying come on time for you to have a rest!!! Good luck with the coiling- and welcome the "Annie " club!!!
Love deb

Hi Jimmy, So glad your meeting with the surgeon went great for you. That is so important to have a good relationship and feel comfortable with him before you go ahead. As for quitting smoking it is hard but once you commit yourself, stick with it, no matter what! Please keep us posted. Bless you. Jeanne