Can anyone recommend a neurosurgeon?

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well. Is there anyone (UK based) that can recommend a good neurosurgeon who is based in London?

I’ve been advised that seeing anymore surgeons in Northern Ireland is pointless. They only do 100 coiling procedures a year.

My aneurysm is on my anterior artery and about 8mm but I’m having an angiogram to find out more. What is the angiogram procedure like? Bit nervous.



Hi Bloomsie,

I can tell you that the Angiogram is the #1 test in regards to aneurysms--and the test itself is not bad honestly, and with this they'll be able to get excellent images and details on your particular situation. The test will be done as you lie on a table..they'll insert a catheter into your femoral artery in order for the contrast dye to zip thru your main vein and up to your head.....its very quick and i felt pretty much nothing other than the warmth of the dye as it quickly comes thru your veins and into your head--alll i remember is my first thought was "cinnamon" ! it didn't hurt at all...they'll give you a sedative like Xanax or Ativan likely...and the only slightly uncomfortable part was when they inserted the catheter into the groin area, but it wasnt' crazy bad pain, pretty simple really. the worse part I think is you'll need to lie flat for 4 to 6 hours afterwards so the groin/catheter site needs to seal itself up. as for a Neurosurgeoun, i'm in California so I can't help you on a Neurosurgeon, but I wish you all the luck in the world,,,,Peace, to you as you get thru this, Janet

Hi Sarah...Janet really explained the angiogram procedure well...keep in mind the nervousness of the procedure is worse than the actual procedure...I am not from the UK so I can't help you out with a of luck...~ Colleen