Neurosurgeon Meeting next Wed. - Questions to ask?

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy few months since I joined and actually posted - in the mean time I've still been reading and "digesting" all of your stories and I truly do thank you for sharing everything on this site.

So 6 months or so after my initial couple of meetings with my neurosurgeon (discussing my newly-found aneurysm; he suggested coiling at some point due to my family history, etc.) I go back next Wednesday for another meeting. I think I've come to peace with actualy having the coiling done (although still nervous, of course) and I'm sure that his team's position won't change. Right now I don't have another image booked - although I do hope to have one so nobody needs to operate on a 7 month old MRI!

My question is, in going to this meeting, does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should ask? Is there anything that you all have learned in your experiences that you wish you had known or asked up front? Anything that has come up post-coiling especially that you were thankful that your Dr. had prepared you for in advance?

I hope that makes sense!

Hi ... and I am so glad you are at peace with your when you book your will be so ready to get the "show on the road"...

I did ask one thing that many have not..."What are some effects they have seen after people have been coiled?", my surgeon said I may get bad headaches for about 6 months...while I am healing...

I never asked and never was may need added coils...Ask about that? and If coiling doesn't they go into clip...etc., and have you met that surgeon...? How often are you followed after the coiling and what do they do to check the coils?

~ Please note, none of this really would have changed my decision in the end my brain aneurysm was leaking and I had no choice, but to coil...~ wishing you a Happy Friday ~ Colleen

Hi Mike,

I'm sure this hasn't been easy making such a decision (I was coiled and had no choice), but I found my recovery regarding the coil was fine--i had no headaches which is major all in itself, yet mine did need recoiling (I opted for a clipping, which was much more the permanent fix ) be sure to ask if thats an option for you down the line if you need the coil re-addressed, as some annies can't be clipped after coiling.. hopefully it won't be an issue ofcourse! Best of luck to you!!

Peace, Janet