Met with a neurosurgeon today

Hi all. I met with a neurosurgeon today. I met with him once before when I found out about the aneurysm. He had referred me to the (coil embolization) specialist. The specialist referred me back to him for possible clipping. He described the surgery and went through it step by step. I asked (the list of) questions I came prepared with. My aneurysm is on the anterior communicator artery. Did anyone have theirs here?

The doctor was really positive and personable. I have his cell phone number. He explained that he does the follow up. Even if I am in the hospital over the weekend, he will see me. I like that. I have another appointment next week with a different neurosurgeon. I want to get another opinion and find the best doctor that I fit with.

Yes--in 1998 that's where mine was located--and I'm here today ! none of this is easy, but its' do-able no question, and as long as you trust/like your NeuroSurgeon, you're halfway there. Check out the hospitals as well as the docs, peace to you Terri ! Janet

Thanks Janet. I delivered my kids at the local hospital and had my angiogram at the other hospital. The other hospital is larger and only 45 minutes away so still very doable. I am lucky to have a choice of hospitals that are not too far away.

Terri, my aneurysm was at the junction of the anterior cerebral artery and anterior communicating artery. I had it clipped on September 17, 2012. I would be happy to answer any other questions that you have.

Hi Carol- I will send you a message.

Hi, Terri. So good that you are researching both the doc and the facility. I would go to a major medical facility; just in case you experience a post coil complication. Chances are you will be fine, but it is best to be prepared. Sounds like a “third” opinion is very important in your case; since you already have differing opinions.

Hi Terri- Wow your Doc rocks! very very good. Its so important for a good "fit". Did Dr agree with coil doc to maybe clip? Let us know so we can keep you in thoughts and prayers!

Glad you had a good visit Terri...but also, I am glad you are getting a 2nd opinion...~ Colleen

Truly, I understand that making a decision to proceed to have the “correct” procedure can be difficult. My recommendation is to weigh the risks and benefits of each procedure (coiling vs clipping) and make your decision. My aneurysm was also on the anterior communication artery. What helped me with my decision was:
(1) comfort with the doctor and the fact that he had performed hundreds of these procedures
(2) the size, shape and mouth of aneurysm made coiling an option
(3) the risks of surgery for my particular aneurysm was offset by relief of the anxiety of not doing anything
(4) speaking with several interventional radiologist that openly discussed their recommendation
(5) the angiogram and coiling could be performed during the same time

My very best to you in making your decision.

Ron- The clipping doc agreed with the coiling doc to clip. He said the coiling doc takes it very seriously and if he feels clipping is better, will not do the coiling.


I've gone thru 2 seperate clippings (1998, 2010) as well as coils (2006), if you've got any questions, feel free !


Hi Janet-

Where your clippings for a ruptured or unruptured annie? What was your incision like? Do you have a big scar? What complications or side effects have you experienced? How long was your recovery? Please tell me the good and bad.

Ptr...I missed your original connection a couple of months ago...

Have you had your treatment done and/or when is it anticipated / scheduled?



That is truly a blessing...


Hey Terri,

The 1st aneurysm was growing rather rapidly and as it did so, the annie literally snapped my 3rd optic nerve in two (One hard to imagine Grand Daddy of 'em all Headache) So Thats what brought me into the ER and the following morning I had an emergency clipping...At that time( 1998) there were no other options other then to have a clipping, and in retrospect ,I'm glad , as that left the guesswork out of decision making! the 98 clipping was quite a lot harder to recover from then my 2010 clipping though, basicly due to the involvemnt in 98 with my vision/nerves (I had double vision a solid 4 months afterward) in 2006 I had an aneurysm on the opposite side from the 1998 scene, but, like a big Ostriche, I pretended it wasn't an issue ( then I collapsed while at work, resulting in a 6 week coma, shunt, trache, and coils due to an SAH) So in 2006 I had little choice but to go with the coils as there were no options given to my husband..I got out of the hospital with my coils in early 2007 and all went fine until one night, out of the blue, I suddenly got hit with the exact same inner skull pain that I remembered having right before my collapse in 2006--this time, luck was on my side as I hadn't gone comatose again, but I really thought that I had yet another aneurysm to deal with. Turns out the coils had compacted and that was the pain I felt...I was rushed back to the same hospital were they placed the coils in 2006, and that's when I learned a significant lesson: If you've got a doctor who you neither trust much nor like, and if you feel his care of you is lacking, and if you're able to, BAIL . My 2006 Neuro was a crock I found out, and the big obvious clincher was that he never had me scheduled for aftercare angiograms to see how my coils were fairing, infact I had no clue I was to have any aftercare really and didn't know that the coils had a %25 rate of failure( until mine ofcourse! ) He infact told me there was just :""too much blood" for him to see what was going on in my b rain, and sent me home "for three weeks, then come back for followup care" (Ticket to ride was then and there)! Got out of there and headed to another hospital, a Catholic one with tons of money and good equipment to see past my bloody brain! I found a wonderful NeuroSureon who gave me the choice of more coils or a clipping, and I jumped at the clipping offer, hands down. I never wanted to have to deal with that kind of pain or "sudden failure" of the coils compacting again.

The 2010 clipping was so much easier to recover ftom too, no involvement with my eyesight--big difference for me--and no cutting thru the temporal muscle (they did in 98) , and I felt very confident in my doctor and loved the hospital.

Incisions are well hidden, both of them...My shunt removal scar however is another story, very visible depending upon how I wear my hair (the 2006 doctor and his handy work). I can't say I've suffered much after any of my procedures really, and it was by the Grace of God that the 6 week coma was more like a deep sleep! I walked out of the hospital a week after coming to, with only slight right sided weakness to work thru. no headaches after any of the procedures, I was off work 3 months on each clipping, (the coma/coil was a years disability afterwards, only because the doctor assumed the worse case outcome). I've been blessed. Totally.

my Aneurysms were both so different from one another, both in their symptoms and in their subsequent repair(s).... Hope I didn't bore you with all the detail ! None of this is easy ofcourse, I just hope you're able to make a choice that you and you Neuro can agree on, and I'm sure you will--knowledge is power, ask a zillion questions, you'll be fine. Take Care, Janet

Janet...Terri and All....

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Janet...seems like we have another close connection...

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P.S...I have the hydrocephalus ex the lobe(s) shrink, the adjacent ventricles enlarge but (god-given) maintain the normal flow...

Thank you Janet. Great information. I am so glad you are doing well now. I met with another neurosurgeon yesterday for another opinion. He is world renowned and is currently in my state. Really liked him. He said that he would NOT even try the coiling. I have accepted the fact I need to have the surgery. The doctor seems to think I will do well with the surgery based on my age and overall good health. I will be meeting with another neurosurgeon in a few weeks. Just trying to find the best doctor and best fit for me at this point.


Terri...I am so glad for you for yor decision...and, the time you had to spend with them to make your decision...

Regards and prayers for your great treatment and recovery....