Preop expectations

Hello all!

I am going into the hospital (Baylor Univ. Med. Center) tomorrow for a 4-vessel cerebral angiogram to determine the shape of the aneurysm. It is 5 mm in the anterior communicating artery and impacting the vertebral flow. It has not ruptured, thank goodness.

I will find out if I will have the coiling or the craniotomy.

What do I take to the hospital? Do I prepare for the surgery, or just for 1-2 nights stay?.

I have been in this position only once before in my life and that was for breast cancer....I felt good, no lumps, but carrying around cancer in my body. That was 16 years ago and now to have an aneurysm that may or may not rupture.

I fell and hit the left posterior side of my head Nov. 1st and have had "migraine-like" headaches since then. I have had a few days of normalcy, but mainly headachy, light and noise sensitivity. I have been hearing my pulse behind my left ear since July which has created some poor sleep.

I appreciate any info you folks can give me as to what the next few days will entail.



Thanks for your prompt reply. MY understanding is that once the angiogram is done tomorrow, then the coiling or craniotomy would be done the next day (Jan. 3rd). What treatment did you have? I have so many risk factors that my neurosurgeon and neurologist want me to have the procedure that is correct for the shape of the aneurysm. Of course, I am hoping and praying for coiling/glue procedure.

How long did you stay in the hospital? What was your recovery like?

So many questions. Hank

Hi Hank, Im Valerie I had my angiogram yesterday. They treated me as if I was having out patient surgery. Don't eat or drink after 12 midnight . If you do they wont be able to give you some drugs to make you woosey. I was nervous and they gave me something to relax me. One big stick in my groin was all I felt. I also felt the heat from the dye in my face. After it was over I was moved to another room and watched for two hours lying flat. I couldn't move my leg on the side that they went in. After that I went Home. My clipping is on Jan 14. Best of luck to you.


Thanks you for your message. I will find out tomorrow what is going to happen. I have been working since diagnosed with the aneurysm on Dec. 17th. It is hard to keep moving, and the headache comes and goes all day. I have to push myself to complete tasks.

You are a patient person to wait until the 14th, but guess preparation must be done emotionally and physically. I pray for an uncomplicated surgery and smooth recovery.

Take care, Hank

hi Hank! keeping you in thoughts & prayers for the best possible result. Not much to prepare they will give you instructions and of course the lovely gown! i take as little as possible- a few dollars, one credit card, but others like to take their gadjets! i prefer to keep it simple since you'll probably have to lie still. Sometimes they coil right away when they are in the artery for the angio but either way think positive that all will be well- Baylor is world renown facility- you'll have excellant care ! Don't worry - the drugs do wonders for any stress!

Hello Hank, Best of Luck tom. My aneurysm was same size and location as yours!!! but mine ruptered and bleed, so I had coils done as emergency. I was at hospital where I work when it happened so I'm sure thats why I made out so well. Back to work in two months with no restrictions. As for what you need for hosp. it really depends what they do. I guess you cant go wrong with small bag of necessities ie. toothbrush,moughwash,hair brush,slippers,bathrobe. If they do craniotomy, natually youll be there a little longer. I will keep u in my prayers. donna w

Hi! All the best! I hope everything went well and you are recovering nicely. I know that we all are different from each other, but I can tell you that My boyfriend stay 3-4 more days after angiogram, just to keep an eye on evolution. He started walking the next day after angiogram and had his first shower then as well! :)

I wish you all the best! Get well soon!!

Hope today finds you recovering and having some answers. My coiling was done at UT Southwestern where I was flown to after my aneurysm ruptured. There was also one that was not ruptured. It was coiled, too. Wishing you a healthy new year!

You have my thoughts and prayers ~ Colleen