Going for followup angiogram Thursday...Prayer request

Hi all

I have an angiogram Thursday morning to check the progress from the pipeline brain surgery I had August 5th. I will be at St. Mary's vascular center from 7 am until 2pm. I am asking that pipeline is healing correctly, that the aneurysm is clotted off and that I won't have to have another surgery. Pray that my vision fully heals along with my memory.


Praying now for you, Camille. I hope you are feeling well.
God Bless
~ Carol

my eyesight did return but i still have the indention on the right eye, and my memory is still impaired, but i am learning to accept that this is my new norm. Best of luck, and if you do have to have another surgery, you will be okay, as i had a total of 7 Brain surgies in the three years after the aneurysm, and hard as it was i probably wouldn't be here today to talkj about it. Best of luck and think positive. Nancy

Prayers your way ~ Colleen

Hugs and Prayers surround you...


Praying now for you from Italy,

Bless you Camille

Praying for you that all goes well


Fingers and toes crossed ! Prayers your way, Camille!

Peace, Janet

My dear...you have my best wishes and prayers that all looks 100% wonderful at your follow up angiogram. I had a PED on Aug 28th...they are not doing my f/u until after 6 months.

prayers now for the above issues at hand, think positive, keep the faith-I know you will, you've been thru so much already~~~

That seems like such an early f/u - did they say why? I had a 3 month one, whereas usually they are 6, because mine was so complicated and I had coils along with the PED and they were pretty concerned about how it would turn out. I ended up with a minor leak that did have to get fixed about 9 months later, but it was such a breeze compared to the first surgery! They just added more pipelines telescoped together and it seems to have done the trick - the next f/u looked a lot better and they were happy enough with it to let me off of the Plavix. :) Anyway, my main point is that since it is so early on, be sure to not be disappointed if there isn't a major change yet - sometimes it takes awhile, but the success will come! I am 1 year and almost 8 months past my first surgery, and it's really taken this long to get as close to normal as possible. Don't rush it, and don't be sad - time heals all wounds, you know? Be your own advocate at the hospital - don't be shy to tell them what you need and when to be as comfortable as possible for your angio.

12 week follow up because I still have this feeling like I have a sinus infection in my inside left side of the nose and double vision when I look hard to the left... that is how everything started I kept telling my husband I had a sinus infection...then headaches then migraines then double vision brought me in so they want to check to see if its leaking and if they have add an extension

Camille~ I had sinus infection and it was horrible pain upon coughing or sneezing, amoxicillin cleared it right up!

Hi Camille - please update us when you can...You're in my thoughts today...Mary