Soooooo Happyyyyyy

Hello everyone, I am so happy & relieved, I had my 3 month angiogram last Tuesday, my PED has worked there is no blood flowing into the annie, in fact the artery looked normal and they couldn’t even see the annie. Only way of seeing it is to have another MRI, which will happen in october.
They told me all that would be left was the sac with a clot which will take about 1 or 2 years for my body to absorb.
I still have to deal with my eye and the vertigo, but life is becoming normal once more.
Hugs to everyone

I feel on top of the world

Yay! Thanks for being a light Lynn! I hope to hear the same thing in November.


I am so happy for You...when I read this good news on angiograms...I get all teary~eyed...

God have a beautiful weekend and deserve to celebrate...~ Cyber~thoughts and hugs your way ~ Colleen

hi lynn!! thank you so much for sharing- i needed this so much- today was a little stressful but getting better! how wonderful is this-5 star*****-5 being the highest! And don't worry about the clotting that is normal & will dissipate as they said.

Thanks be to God. I’m very happy for you, Lynn.

Thankyou everyone, I wish everyone a success story even if it is just a small one.
I feel your warmth an good wishes everyday. I am the same person but so different than the person I was 6 months ago.
Hugs to you all

Congratulations Lynn what great news i knew you were worried about the angio results.

I'm glad you have past this hurdle


Love Nikki xx

Hi Lynn

Congratulation on your news it must feel good to know your further down the road of recovery good on ya I’m so happy for you

Thanks jimmy

Hi Lynn, good news.
I received the PED on january, 2010 in Italy and last monday I had my 2,5 year RM Control ( my rupture was on february, 2009 )
My PED is doing it’s work, the annie seems fully occluded and the artery looks fine as well.
Did you already reach the PED Group ? If not , just ask .
Take care of you,

wonderful news Lynn, congrats to you. Aren't they the best words you have ever heard!!!! Stay on the top of the world, you belong there!

Best wishes,


Yay!!! Super happy for you Lynn!:):slight_smile:

great news lynn, so happy for you, keep well and enjoy life god bless xxxsandra xxx

Lynn, that's WONDERFUL news!!! congratulations! hope you continue to see improvement with your eye and vertigo.