Didn't fully occlude

I just had angiogram last week was told didn't fully occlude blood still pooling - I've had two PED surgeries and now two angiograms. now I'm on plavix every other day for a month and wants to eventually take me off completely next month in hopes aneurysm occludes. does anyone have any experience with this? this last angiogram was a tough recovery for me. I am hoping I won't have to do another one. any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Deb, how long was it since the PED placement? Did your aneurysm go down in size at all?
My situation is similar to yours, I had 2 PED procedures March 25 and March 27 2014 for bilateral aneurysms. Almost 2 years later, and the one on the left side (8mm ophthalmic segment aneurysm) is still there, very slightly smaller, based on recent CT scan. Like you I had 2 PED procedures and 3 angiograms total and 3 CT scans in 2 years period. My neurosurgeon wanted to do another angiogram right now, but I declined, can’t go through it right now, I feel all this radiation is too much for me. So we agreed to wait and repeat a CT scan in a year, in a mean time he wants me to lower my aspirin to 81 mg a day. He doesn’t really think my aneurysm will shrink on its own, but I’m not ready to go through another pipeline surgery right now.
I know how you feel, it’s very frustrating and scary, I’m tired of countless angiograms and ct scans without any positive progress. But I’m still hoping for a miracle, hoping that my aneurysm will occlude eventually…
Hang in there, wishing you a good recovery and hoping that your aneurysm will occlude soon!

Hoping for your Annie’s occlusions

Just had my follow-up. PED/Coiling surgery was on 4/1/15, then, angio 6 months later showed some blood still flowing into aneurysm. Had MRA 2 days ago, and we went over results today. Surgeon had previously said that if all looked good, he would do an angio in 6 months to monitor changes. Today, my surgeon said that there was still an area of about 1-2mm where blood was still flowing into the aneurysm. But everything looked good, and he wanted another MRA in 12 months. When I asked about the angio in 6, he said no need. That he did not want to put me "on the table", that he didn't want the risk when everything looked good, and that this might be my new normal. Don't know how to feel about this. Happy that it didn't change for the worse, but also a bit worried that he decided to postpone the check, and changed his mind on the angio (when there was still an area open). Another concern: we are stopping Plavix as I have been on it for a year, and it is causing bone bruising (he seemed to believe Plavix was the culprit). 4 months ago, after stopping it, I lost partial vision in my left eye (where the aneurysm is) and they said it was due to small clots forming. So we are going to try again. He did say that if I have any ocular symptoms, to call right away, and start Plavix again. So, PRAYING that I don't have any vision problems!!! Happy, but not happy!!! The more I read about endovascular surgeries, the more I see that people have different outcomes and different follow up protocols. I am sorry you have been through so much, and I hope that your next angio is your last one!! Having to go through one surgery (and all the stress that comes with it) is hard enough--but having to hear "bad" news over and over--I am so sorry!! Prayers that you do not have to have anything else than MRA's!!!