Get the word out about aneurysms!

I wrote to Lisa Genova, NY Times best selling author of Left Neglected and Just Alice about writing a story about aneurysms. I sent the email to the publisher contact at simon & shuster and also asked her on Facebook. We should ALL do the same

A very good friend on mine, when I told her I was diagnosed with one, she replied that it is mainly seen in older people (and she is a medical doctor - a very good GP!) I thought she was right until I found this site a week or two ago. And, yesterday, at a charity auction, I ended up telling a few other friends of which one asked what it was (these are not dumb women!).

Another good place for a story - Good Morning America!

Hi Dulce...I pass the word to everyone I meet...esp people with lots of headaches...

Thank~you for all you are doing for Brain Aneurysm awareness...


Great story material! Every time I tell my story, the person usually has someone in their family or very close to them that has had or had an annie. I have been really astonished at the number of stories that I have heard since being diagnosed. I did not know much about brain annies until last March. I think that we need a slogan to be as popular as “saving the ta-tas”!! Let’s do it!

Also, Liquid Embolization, a great treatment for wide necked annies. I just had an MRA, post op 3 months and everything looks great! Its a relief to know that the annie is still filled with onyx hd 500. It doesn’t seem to be a popular treatment, as I have not found anyone that has had this procedure on this site.

Karen. I had the liquid onyx in 2008.


What was your recovery like? Has all been well with you since the embolization? I have had severe headaches for the last several weeks. You are the first person to respond to me that has had the onyx. I think that I will be fine once I get past this headache stage, hopefully that's all it is. I have a 6 month angio in Dec.

Thanks for the reply,