Follow up MRA

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I was last on here and it has been such a great informative and supportive site. I had my follow up MRA and nothing has changed with the annies. However they have found an infundibulum near the two annies on the right. It is 2mm and the neurosurgeon didn't seem too concerned with it. I was told that they hardly ever turn into aneurysms. However I have been researching these and getting mixed reviews on how serious they are.

Has anyone ever had an infundibulum that has turned into and aneurysm?

Hi Melissa ... I haven't any infundibulum's...however, I recall someone here once a long time ago be told the same information as you...I am so sorry I cannot remember who this person is, but if I recall I will let you know...hopefully, they will answer you...

Glad to see an update from you...~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen,

I've been seeing my GP once a month since all of this happened. He has been "testing" different meds on me. First he put me on a blood pressure med, I thought this was funny since I don't have high blood pressure but he said it's better safe then sorry? Next we went with a mood leveler, this one is suppose to keep me calm since I get a temper and he doesn't want me to get too excited about anything. I feel like I've been a Ginea Pig for the last 5 months. The headaches haven't really eased up but the reason my MRA was moved up a bit was due to a pain behind my left eye. We still can't figure this one out. I have started to dread doctor visits :)

Tell me about you Melissa....and all the years of Doctors...I definitely have "white coat syndrome"....hahahaha...~

They (Doctors) are finding out that some Blood pressure meds help with Headaches and that is why they are trying them on you....I do have high now headaches....and my Bp med helps both...I like that you have temper and get excited easily...that is me anymore...I call it "Jane" to my husband....I was never like this, it comes out of nowhere ... it is very frustrating... I work at helps call it Jane...because Hubby and I end up cracking up and laughing and that is the best medicine...however, if you do this in the outside world...they think you are crazy...not so funny...

I hope they come up with pain in your left eye...I have it in my right eye and droop...I was told my Neuro recently my 3rd cranial nerve is damaged...suppose to have followup about maybe I will have more info to you....Have a beautiful day....Colleen

How do they know that you have a nerve damaged? Is this something that shows up on a scan? I have a droop in my left eye as well, it's not too noticably unless I am having pain.

Have a great day :)

Hi Melissa...mine too is worse with Headaches, etc., but sometimes it gives me alot of pain...the eye and that side of face...I go to a Neurologist since having aneurysm's...they do Neuro hand tests...follow this, look at this, light etc., and some how through the vessels in your eyes they can see the damage...and then I had Bell's Palsy along time ago..and they too can see that from my vessels and the damage it has done to my 7th cranial nerve...I hate knowing all of this stuff sometimes...hahahaha..~ Colleen

Hmmm thats interesting. Thank you for the information Colleen :)

Thank you Jo, it is a bit reassuring to hear that others have these and they don't seem to be a problem :)