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Last April, my Ear Nose & Throat specialist recommended I get an MRI done because of a slight hearing loss in my right ear. The aneurysm was discovered as a result of this MRI. I had no symptoms --- it was only through having the MRI done that the aneurysm was discovered! After extensive research, I elected to have the surgery done in August 2012 by neurosurgeon Dr. Robert Spetzler, head of the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. He and his team did a wonderful job with my surgery -- I love them all so much. I am still in the recovery phase. Physically, I suffer from fatigue and loss of stamina, headaches and sharp pains as the nerves and muscles grow back in my head. I really think having support from others in my situation would really help me get through this. If it wasn't for that hearing test I may not be here today. I believe awareness is the key and look forward to spreading the word.

Hi Jagg !

So glad you found us, this website is full of delightful, very

real' people who have gone thru so much. Their stories, the people you chat with, its all mind blowing but you gain so much insight . I've had 2 clippings and an sah/coil/coma, and although i'd gone thru these things I'm still learning and realizing things i hadn't known before -- I happened upon this site quite by accident about 6 months ago, and have made some dear friends since being here plus i've even scheduled an aniogram for myself as now i know that this could happen again (I just thought I was 'special' and my aneurysms were a fluke--not any more!)Awareness is the key, I couldn't agree more. So glad you' ear doctor was on top if his game and got you the MRI, glad you're here ! Peace, Janet

Wow I feel like I am looking at my own story. That is why they found my annie in April becasue they did a CTscan due to hearingloss and the ENT guy could not see behind my eardrum because of scar tissue. I am so glad that you are doing well. My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday and I am very nervous but this to shall pass I keep telling myself. My mothers brother passed away a few years ago from a ruptured annie so yes I am glad they found before i had issues, but it still does not take away the nervousness and the wonder of it all. I wish you the best and keep posting about how you are doing.


JAG... welcome..

I am reading Dr. Spetzler's book...and, a friend was in AZ when she had her rupture and was treated at the Barrow Institute... he's impressive....watched some of his videos...

My curiosity is so jogged...i.e....your symptoms taking you to ENT...Does the hearing loss continue, or was it relieved post-surgery? I had hearing loss after the minimally invasive coiling...definitely did not exist prior...

Again, welcome...


Thank you SO MUCH Janet! I’m new at this so will be taking it it slow going through the site and connecting with folks. Its so good to know I’m not alone with this struggle. Thank you for your support!! Hang in there!! ~JAG

I find that Knowledge is power and hopefully that is one thing we are all gaining from this site. Rest and continue to heal...~ wishing you a beautiful day ~ Colleen

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