Hi All, I don't usually write on here, i do more of the reading. I didn't know anything about my aneurysm, I just recieved a letter saying I had it and that I wouldn't have my consultation untill Febuary 2012. Well, I have since been to my GP and he looked at correspondence from JR Hospital Oxford and he informed me that I actually had 2 Annies. 1 being Intra Cerebral and the other being Intra Cranial. He did try to explain it the best he could but didn't give me any more information that I got on here from reading all your guy's posts.

Well, I recieved a letter yesteday, that i just happened to be CC'd into (again), saying that my little Annie family is growing! I have 3 of them! This letter was from the neurosurgeon to my GP. The first Annie is in the intracravernous internal carotid and measures 3mm. This 1 does not need treatment. the second is a posterior communicating region Annie measuring 4mm and the third is at the mid cerebal bifurcation, also measuring 4mm. Due to the 4mm ones being wide necked I will be offered open surgery. He finished the letter by saying he will TRY and make arrangement for my appointment to be brought forward.

I am struggling to come to terms with the way I have been treated. I just want to be sat down and told in laymans term what is going on inside my brain! I know none of you are DR's but I do believe that you are all a wealthy knowledgable lot with the same thing in common. Can any of you give me just a wee bit of what might be etc?

My original scan came about because I had complained about losing my sense of smell and taste. Could this have anything to do with the Annie's? Also I am not one for suffering headaches but in the past 3 or so months I have had 4 serious headaches that I have never suffered before and thought that I was starting to suffer from migraine. I have also being suffering from tiredness and having to really think about what I am saying, as I feel as though I am forgetting what words to use...........maybe I'm just going off my head! I am also going through the menopause and thought that was why I was suffering some of those symptoms!!??!! Any advice please> Thank you xx


Yes having a brain aneurysm can definitely affect your senses! For me, it was my sight. I was having very odd things happening with my eyes. The migraines are a very clear indication of the aneurysm. My migraines were actually the trigger for getting an MRI for me. That's the only way they found them intact and unruptured. Now, forgetting things and feeling tired...that might be the menopause or the aneurysm...not sure. Now, I'm not a doctor, but I've done a LOT of research on this stuff since I had my surgery 4 1/2 years ago. My suggestion....get another opinion. Having you wait another 2 months when you have THREE aneurysm...that seems sort of silly to me. And also, telling all of this stuff in a letter seems so insensitive...I'm so sorry! If it is possible for you...get another opinion. You are the one that has control over your own medical care...if something feel "off" or wrong to you...you have the RIGHT to get another opinion until you feel comfortable! Take care my dear and Good luck!!!

-Anuja :)

Hi Carolanne...

Living in the States it is a bit different...Doctors bring you into their offices to discuss results and options...therefore not sure how it is handled where you live and how you can change this situation...

I must tell you...when this journey started I was 46 years old...but I think truthfully when things weren't right with me...started 4 years prior...and like you I convinced myself through Doctors it was menopause...I feel Doctors did everything to discourage my symptoms from being serious...to ..."your a women"...sad, but true...

Gotcha in my Thoughts ... that all goes well with surgery...Colleen

Thank you Anuja, I did try to go private with the same consultant but because i was already being refered through the NHS he wouldn't see me. The letter I recieved on Wednesday did say they were going to try and bring my appointment forward so i am keeping my fingers crossed x

Hi Colleen, I am 46 and had blood tests done that indicated that I was going through the menopause so there could be a link there. I will just have to be patient and hope these little Annies behave themselves untill I am seen by the consultant. x