For those who have had endovascular coiling, how big was you aneurysm?

For those who have had endovascular coiling, how big was you aneurysm? Just wondering. My mom has what looks to be a 2.5mm aneurysm and will have the coiling procedure Friday. I was just wondering if 2.5mm was too small to coil?? For those who answer can you put down your recovery time from the coiling procedure. She is hoping to go back to work in a week or so. Thanks in advance.


Mine was 4.5mm. They had to use several coils on mine…so I would suspect an even smaller one is coilable. They also look at the neck and location of the annie too when considering coiling… It sounds like they have deemed your mom a great candidate for the procedure. Recovery would depend on whether hers has bled or ruptured as bleeding brings the need for further observation. Mine was discoverd b/c it had bled…and I was in SICU 4 nights and in a regular room 3 nights longer. I was amazed by how good I felt after. I was a little sore at the groin entry site and was dizzy and light headed a few days after but that may have been due to me being restricted to bed so long. I went back to work part time a month later (just last week) and am feeling really good overall…just tire easily + a few headaches and visual issues occasionally…which I think are all tied to the fact that mine had bled prior to discovery. If your mom’s coiling is preventative (has not bled) I understand recovery can be much much quicker. Best of luck to your mom; prayers for a great success and speedy recovery. While she might feel great and eager to get back to work quickly, I’d encourage her to take her time if she has the flexibility to do so. I’ve noticed I feel wonderful and do everything I can one day and then exhaustion hits me like a wall the next. She should enjoy some down time when and if she can. Best of wishes!

Hi Shanta,

Mine was 7mm basilar tip anuerysm. I still am recovering as I had a TIA 2 months after the coiling. Everyone heals differently but I could not of gone back to work after a week. You stay kinda fussy for at least a month. My anuerysm did not ruture thank god. Fatigue is very much part of the process of healing. Good luck to your mother and my prayers are with her.


Hi Shanta,

My wife had a ruptured narrow neck basiler tip aneurysm 5mm coiled last year they used four coils various sizes, and she has another 5mm aneurysm they are watching as Cindy said i think it depends on the neck and position if it is a narrow neck it is easier.

Best Wishes John & Sue

I had a 9mm aneurysm coiled and a 2 mm aneurysm behind my left eye they are watching...

Hi Shanta, mine was 5-6mm and it was coiled 6 weeks ago. I am ok and started lecturing at a college 2 days ago

My prayers to your Mom