Can people please tell me what size their Annie was when they had surgery. I don't suppose anyone would know what size their ruptured one was or do you get told a rough size or am I just being silly?

Thank you all xx

Hi Carolanne...I had a "unruptured, but leaking" Basilar Tip was was coiled...I have a 2mm aneurysm behind my left eye...they are watching it for do surgery on something that small can be bad...that is what Doctor's told me...

They take in consideration many factors...location, age, size, health, etc.,

Hi Carolanne ..... The annie I had coiled in January was 15.4mm with a 17.5mm neck. Had a follow up appt in September and the coiling has only been partially successful due to the wide neck size. Have been offered further surgery but the level of risk is high.

The one that ruptured was 7.5mm the other alot bigger that was alĺ it said on my files.

i asked at my first follow up, it was 8mm.

Hi Carolanne,

Mine started at 3.5 and was 5.6 when it was occluded with onyx...It was also widenecked.


Mine are 3mm 2mm (maybe some smaller ones too ).All on right ICA Last look was 2008, probably time. Good question thanks ,Kelly

Caro...I didn't know this about you...further surgery...God have really had a time of things...

My aneurysm was 20mm by 15mm. I had surgery last Monday (the 21st). Don't be to concerned about rupture according to size. Its different among every person for a variety of variables. Here is some stats i found on it that might give you some better info.

Results— Forty consecutive patients with 24 unruptured and 16 ruptured aneurysms met the inclusion criteria. No significant differences were found in age, gender, smoking status, or medical comorbidities between ruptured and unruptured groups. The average maximum size of the unruptured IAs (6.18±0.60 mm) was significantly smaller compared with the ruptured IAs (7.91±0.47 mm; P=0.03), and the unruptured group had significantly smaller SRs (2.57±0.24 mm) compared with the ruptured group (4.08±0.54 mm; P<0.01). Logistic regression was used to evaluate the independent predictive value of those variables that achieved significance in univariate analysis (IA maximum size and SR). Using stepwise selection, only SR remained in the final predictive model (OR, 2.12; 95% CI, 1.09 to 4.13).

source:( )

you may notice the maximum size average of an un-ruptured aneurysm is 6.18 mm... that being said mine was 3 times that size and didn't rupture. I feel Great, It's just a minor set back in life, and you will be just fine :)

Hi Carolanne: I have I guess 3 unruptured annies (the number seems to change with each doc visit) lol. Anyway, 1 is 3mm with a wide neck on RMCA with a mirror annie only 2mm on LMCA. I guess there's also another small one right next to the RMCA annie. 2 surgeons have told me now not to worry no big deal. They don't rupture at that size and may never grow or need treatment. While I know they're there, I don't worry about them or think much about them now. I felt silly even getting a 2nd opinion cuz both docs seemed so dismissive. I understand they deal with much worse scenarios every day and I know how fortunate I am=no rupture. What size is your annie? Well wishes to you! MItch

Hi Colleen, saw your message to me on this thread about annie
size. Have to admit that the follow up results to my coiling were not was I was
hoping for. The coils have compacted a bit and I still have a large area of
aneurysm there with a neck of nearly 2cm. I have been offered further coiling and a stent but, due to
where the annie is situated, the stent will cut off the blood supply to one of
the arteries in my brain and they have to hope that another artery will take
over the blood flow. Apparently I have a 1 in 20 chance of this not happening
and, if it does not, then I run the risk of a serious stroke. So..... I feel
that I am between a rock and a hard place. I am well, have gone back to work
full time and, at the moment, do not feel that I can take the risk of having
further surgery which may well leave me seriously impaired. I will have to look
at my decision again if things get any worse and perhaps by then, the
technology will have moved on and the annie may be able to be repaired without
presenting such a risk. We are not as far advanced here in the UK with
treatments for annies as the US so I will wait and hope.

Hi Carolanne-My annie was unruptured but I elected to have surgery due to size and location. Mine is/was 12mm and located in the cavernous segment of my right internal carotid artery. I had an angiogram which showed it actually had expanded out of the cavernous sinus, and had a daughter sac, both of which made it a higher rupture risk. So, I elected to have the Pipeline stent put in and that was done the same day as Nathan, 11/21/11. I am 16 days out and feel great and am almost back to pre-surgery activities. Good luck and if I can be of more help, don't hesitate to contact me!


Mine was ruptured and measured 12.1 mm. I wasn't ever told the neck size just that it was about the size of a die (dice) ruptured and it took 17 coils to fill it. Nothing silly at all about your question!

Hi Mitch, Like you, I tend to have a new Annie with every letter I recieve. I have 3 now. one being 3mm and they are going to leave that one. the other 2 are 4mm each and wide neck. I believe I am going to be offered open surgery, whatever that is. Thank you for taking the time to message me x

Thanks Nathan, that was the tonic I needed! x

Hi Karen, When was your 3.5mm found and how long did it take to grow to 5.6?

thanks x

Mine was 2mm but it had no neck. The aneurysm was wrapped all the way around the artery. Small aneurysm but the fact that it was bulging around the whole artery made it complicated. In March 2012, it will be 5 years!!! :)

Mine is 2.5 cm, no neck. I believe it's called "Giant". YIKES! Had a try with the pipeline stent and that didn't work because the wire pierced my artery before they started to put the stent in.... Had some leakage of dye and blood, but that's all clear now. Now I am going to have a permanent balloon occlusion on Dec. 20. They go through my femoral artery. Boy, I hope this works!

xoxoxo from Shelley


My annie was 6,25cm mca when it was clipped in Nov. 2010. It was a non ruptured annie.

Hi Anuja, what treatment did you recieve for this?