Finding our new normal

well, ten months post aSAH, and I thought I had found my limitations and how to cope with them. Speech, I simply slowed down and thought about what I was saying. sounds silly, but for me it worked the majority of times. Headaches, I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. When we have large, noisy family gatherings, I know when to retreat. I havent had one of "those headaches" for almost a month. For those of you that have experienced one of "those headaches" you can rejoice with me over a one month victory.

This one was hard, because I just acknowledged it today. It sounds strange, but I cant take the heat. I have a small front and back yard, and I enjoy working in it. even after my aSAH when the doctor realesed me I was able to mow, weed eat, edge, plant and prune.With no problems. Same yard, same duties, but I had to go in and cool off three times, I felt horrible. Only difference was the heat. At work, I have seven plumbers that work for me. Im in administration, so if I choose not to do physical labor, its no problem. But, at times I still enjoy working with the guys to show them the old man can still do it. Today, I ran a jackhammer for five minutes in the heat, Mistake. before aSAH no problem. Ten months later in the heat, I couldnt do it. I went back to my office beat. those of us that are victims of aneurysms,we watch our physical and mental abilities careful to determine what we can do, what we cant do. And how to cope. This one was hard on me. Anyone else have problems with the heat? Surely im not alone.

Ah Roy...sometimes a big part of this journey is knowing our boundaries. Congratulation on Headache freedom for 1 month...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen

You are not alone! Heat is a huge problem for me now, I’m 15 months post SAH and I keep saying they broke my temperature control unit the heat kills me. I find it makes me very tired and also gives me horrible headaches I even wake up at night soaked with sweat unless I have the air conditioning on high, last year I thought it would get better as I healed but unfortunately it hasn’t improved any. Oddly enough I find I have similar issues with the cold in the winter, like I said I just tell people that my thermostat must have gotten broken.

Member, John Wright, in UK provided info from his wife's doctor on the cold reaction a couple of years ago re: our thalamus / hypothalamus area...He was such a blessing to me to begin to understand it. I have been off longjohns apx two weeks now...our seasonal weather change...

It was some time after the cold reaction, that I failed to notice the sun/sunburn...I did not feel the heat...

however, re: heat, sis said they had been told to be careful w/me at home...the stove/whatever else... So those w/noticing one thing now...may notice the other w/the seasonal changes... I shivered so harshly from the cold, initially, my PCP/neurologist sent me in for EEG to confirm no seizure...

Hi Roy and thank you for sharing your experience with your "New Normal". I have to say that while I'm the same person at the core; I'm truly enjoying this "New Normal" of mine and came at just the perfect time when I so needed the change....Yet, if I had the choice, it would not have been thru this terrifying AVM experience but am still thankful for what it's brought to my Life nonetheless :)! Oh, and I don't have any problem with the heat...actually, I Love It!!! And I probably just jinxed myself by saying that too... but I'm thinking the Jackhammer coupled with the heat wouldn't sit well with me either...jackhammers are loud even with the best ear plugs so it sounds like you are doing quite well just 10 short months after your SAH -- and I Rejoice with YOU on your month of being free from those nasty "headaches" --- a Victory to be celebrated for sure :))!!!

It feels as if the heat is magnified somehow. And I've noticed that sometimes I forget that I'm in the sun and start feeling restless and itchy only to realize my scarred head feels like it's on fire. But besides the heat I think that noisy jackhammer would have my head buzzing. LOL Congrats on pain free month!