The New Normal

Hi all -

I am in the recovery phase of my healing. Was hospitalized or in rehab since Aug. 18, 2011. Still regaining my strength, balance and stamina but now getting around without a walker or cane. However, when I go to the mall or Mass General Hospital in Boston, still use my wheelchair. Have a wonderful family who are very supportive but still adjusting to needing so much help. I live on Cape Cod but am now staying with my son in Franklin, MA. My kids want to to sell my Cape house and move closer to them as I am about 2 hrs. away. I am in the midst of a major life change because for several reasons, they do not approve of the partner I have been with for two and a half years so I don't think this relationship will survive my "annie." So I have a lot of adjusting to do and I am working hard at it. I had a very busy and demanding life prior to this and it aint easy!

Thanks for being there and letting me be part of this wonderful group.

Best wishes to all -


HI I wrote in your Welcome page...truthfully, you are really in the early part of your healing...I think with your determination you will see that in August of 2012...many more improvements with your symptoms...and yes some will be your new normal...

Keep that great attitude...Have a Beautiful day...!

Cyber~healing thoughts your way...Colleen


Welcome to our "family" - I am glad you are doing better. I was very lucky in that mine was detected before it ruptured, but there are plenty of people on this forum who were not so lucky. Like Jim and Colleen mentioned, it is still early in your recovery and severe health issues can be challenging on any relationship.

I am glad you found BAF - it has been a blessing for me and many others. Wishing you blessings on your recovery - one step at a time.


hank you Jim for your thoughtful response. I find that keeping an upbeat positive attitude requires at least as much effort as doing my physical therapy every day. How are you doing? Those little trickk-or-treaters in your photo are adorable.

Keep on keepin' on -


Thanks, Sherri - I will try to work on having more patience with myself. Yes, this room is a blessing for me as well. No one can really understand what we have gone - and are going - through unless they have been in the same situation. Like all those in other types of recovery, we must take one day at a time.

Blessings to you as well -