My Story

I am so thrilled to be on this site and to have discovered it :) thank you .

On March 7th i went on my mobile home roof to do a minor patch and felt this absolutly awful headache and broke out in a sweat, now i have had hot flashes before but this was crazy, then my neck starting hurting, it was only 10:00 so it wasnt that hot yet ( i live in florida ) well my first thought was if i just layed down for a sec it would pass, and then as i looked out i said ok God you gotta help me get off this roof, which he did, then i felt nauseated, ended up calling my mom as the feeling would not pass, i was laying down on my couch when she came, asked me to sit up and my left side went numb, well 911 was called ambulance ride to local hospital and then after tests being done i was heliported to Physiciaans Regional in Naples, Seems i had a bleeding Anuerysym. Dr Mason did the surgery 2 coils and a stent and here i am, 10 days in Hospital, My dr calls me a miracle child, as i came out of this with few problems, I was back to work 4 weeks after getting home, I have daily headaches and emotions are like a roller coaster, it appears i have no deficiencies, i am so thankful for my God getting me thru this. I am just now learning to deal with what happened to me. I am one of those people who when there feet hit the floor they are off and running and now i have to learn to literally slow down and smell the roses. I have my 6 month check up in a month and well.... i am really nervous about it, afraid they will go in and mess things up, lol .

Ah jeannie...this is a very inspiring post...and part of the journey is learning to "smell the roses"...

Cyber~continued healing your way ~ Colleen

glad you made it through :) no worries about a follow up - they worried me too but all is good.