Tired & Angry of Situation

I try to stay positive, but boy the good lord is pushing me to the limit. This week end had a real bad 3 days. I had a houseful of company & it about drove me crazy. I love my family, but it wasn't a good time. Seems like my headache will never go away. I was back on pain pills. Today I still have the headache w/ the stiff neck. I try not to get myself in the situation of asking why me, but boy am I tired of this. Just got back from p/t & boy am I sore. My therapist is working me harder & harder every session. My right side doesn't seem to improve, but they do keep me moving. Which is good I guess at my age. Sorry to dump all this on everyone, but you are the only few who understand. I was always proud, at my age, to do what I was doing. Now I can't do nothing. Makes me mad!!! I need to get some rest & be by myself for awhile, I think. Hope all is doing okay for everyone. I just need to get my head on right & think positve again. I need to accept this is the way its going to be.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Vent away Aggie...

WE do understand your feelings...

Cyber~ thoughts your way...Colleen

I’m with Colleen, vent away and if it is possible for you to get away why don’t you. Just sit back and relax for a couple of days and I’ll bet you’ll feel better. I pray that things will get easier for you Aggie, keep up the good work and they say it always gets worse before it gets better, so remember that when every part in your body aches. Prayers to you Aggie. Teddy

Colleen, Thanks for being here for me to vent. I'm feeling better today, as I got alot of rest yesterday. I took a 4 1/2 hr nap & then was back to sleep again at 10:00. I think I needed that after the busy week-end. I hate complaining but I feel like no one understands how I feel, or they don't want to. I still have the headache & fuzzy feeling but that is something I have decided is always going to be there. On the 17th of June, my immediate family is having a family reunion. I still haven't decided if I want to go or not. I'm alittle worried about the drive which is a 6 hr drive, & also all the people, commotion & etc of the reunion. I have to make the decision soon as we have to make plans. Will keep you posted on how it will go. Thanks again for your support, it means alot.


Hi Aggie...

Remember to take care of YOU...and the rest will come...if going to the "family reunion"...won't be good for Aggie...then don't do it this year...take care of you...esp if no one understands...it is important to listen to your body and esp your brain...

If it helps...btwn you and me...sometimes I am tired of hearing myself say I am tired...<wink>

Relax this evening...Colleen

Hi Aggie,

I am sorry to say but unless you are living with someone that has or is going through what we are, then no one really does understand. They can not!!

vent away because we are those that understand, we know that our cyber friends are here and have or are going through this. Aneurysm's have tought me that here we can say what bothers us and how we are feeling, we know that someone here is going to get it. In our real outside of the computer lives we have to be stronger because we are alone in true understanding.

There is right now nothing more important then your health and feelings. No, I don't feel good or no, I need to rest is something that you have the right too!! If you are up to going to your family renioun then go but if not then don't. Only you can say if it's something you can deal with at the point or not. Listen to your body and your head everyone else will have to TRY and understand. Try to be positive again it will keep you going. Many hugs & prayers



There are certain things that do not change, others advance and/or decline...there are therapies that help with the re-paving around various cranial nerves/and whatever part(s) of the brain affected.

We all have good/not so good/ to bad days...Even on a good day, I am soo slow at anything/everything I do...it's a challenge for me to do laundry and sort a file the same day...

So, yes, we have good days and not so good and bad...pray that you can/will accept that for most of us.


Aggie, I feel for you I know where your coming from, things do get bad when we overdo, Is your family kinda like mind, they think your home and all is good, life goes on. it' been 10 months now and I have come a long ways and life is going on and it's good. family should know better and not push or help you when the house is full. It will get better, I'm living prove, I went from dead to a full life with few problems. my pt also push me hard, but I did as I was told and it was hard, but in no time they had me up and about doing everything. I will be thinking about you and praying.

dump away that's what we are here for, I have done it a few times I only wish I could help you.

take care


Don’t apologise Aggie. That’s what we are here for. My advice, if you can get away by yourself, go! It will be good to just think about yourself every now and then. You obviously need the break and being constantly with “stressors” will not help you improve or feel better.

My wife is very undertanding of the fact I seem to have a lower tolerance or crowds/social situations. She refers to it as my button popping like the ones that come in some of the roasting chickens you buy. I just turn to her and say “I popped.” and we say our goodbyes. Close friends even get a Thom’s popped explanation. Vent away by the way. I sometimes think this should be the Brain Aneurysm Venting Foundation! It’s strnge but sometimes strangers can understand you better than those losest to you. It all depends on where you’ve been.

Let it out......

It's hard to find those that can understand and relate. It can be so frustrating!!! So pop the pressure cooker and let out the steam.

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in those feelings.