Celebrating The Little Victories

I am 3 months post coiling and can get discouraged at times due to the extreme headaches and fatigue that I still encounter. I thought I would post some positive news. I was able to go out and play a round of golf with my husband yesterday and did not get a headache! I remember some of my friends visiting me in the hospital on their way back from golf...I said that I sure wished that I could be on the course with them and they said...you will be out there soon! It was such a great experience! I am wishing all of you some great recovery experiences as well and if you would like to share your "great moments" feel free!

hi Pam! thanks for posting your wonderful news-yeeeaahh you!!! so happy for you!!

You go Pam...that is great news...it is the littlest achievements that are so big for us survivors...

Keep on Golfing...~ Cyber~Good Vibes being sent your way ~ Colleen

That’s wonderful!!!