Feeling Horrible

Why do i feel so tired all the time, Ive had two Brain Aneurysiums clipped only after the second one i started to feel horrible I have no energy to do anything I have to really push myself and it dosent help that im a single parent who has to work. Any ideas will it go away?.

Hi Shelley, if your surgeries were recent then it is normal for your stamina to take months to go back to normal. Not sure of your age but after my clipping at home I couldn't stand more than 5-10 minutes (1st month) and do any house stuff that required alot of time. After 3 days of home and sleeping a lot I felt like superwoman for the next 10 days and that was only because I had the effects of the surgery meds in my system for a long time. Once the meds left my system I was back to dragging my but.

It took me almost 1 year to go back to "normal", but I am not the same normal person as I was pre-op. Everyone is so different and it depends on what is going on with other problems in life, your age, health conditions, relationships, etc. All these factors will add or take away from the healing process. Best wishes sent your way, Jeanne

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I agree with Jo...not to mention this Brain aneurysm is hard on our bodies...I do think it improves, but nothing like it was...~ Colleen

Thank u all so much for some answers im 49 years old and have had lots of other problems being a sjngle mum on top of the Aneurysiums so i guess everything adds up its just such a horrible way to be i was always such a person on the go all the time. And like u Jeanne Im not the same person I tend to speak up more then i used to and noone likes it so all my surpose friends have stopped talking im not nasty i just say how i feel from my heart . Thank u all again.

hi Shelly- same here 4yrs post sah, I started to take b1,b6 and b12--I think they helped~~

Thank u Ron I will try i started with a Chinese Herbalist a few weeks ago and Im feeling a little better will take a while he changes the herbs every time i see him and hopefully we will find ones that help. My surgeries have been 21 years ago and 1 year ago. Im so glad i found this site im from Australia and Aneurysiums here are pretty rare noone knows what your talking about have to explain it all. I Thank u all again so much.

Hi Shelley

the aneurysm you had clipped recently, which artery was it on? in both your recoveries, did you notice any differences between the two in regard to recovery time, after-headaches, energy levels, etc.? what were the the comparisons to each ? I've had two clippings (one at age 36 , the other at age 48) and a coil at age 44...and I know both clippings/recovery times were quite different from each other....Did you start feeling the dragged effects right away after the 2nd surgery or is this feeling been a gradual thing? did you suffer a leak or a rupture on either annie? so many questions--sorry about that! Hope the herbs help you get some energy back...take care, Janet

Hi Janet, the first one was a cerebral aneurysm and the second one is from the anterior branch of the right middle cerebral artery just below bifurcation. I was 5 months pregnant with the first one I suffered a stroke because it started to leak, recovery in hospital after this one a few months the surgeon very happy he succeeded in doing it and keeping us both alive Aneurysms 20 years ago in Australia very rare he was the only surgeon that would even try it anyway because i had my son on my own j surpose i couldnt notice anything that was happening to me, but after the second one only in hospital for a week after and felt pretty good for about 12 months after then gradually started to have no energy or motivation to do anything have to really push myself, this weekend just gone i think i slept most of saturday and half sunday the time awake felt horrible and depressed. Im going to see a new lady Neurologist in a couple of weeks hopefully she might have some answers for me.

Thank you Janet

Thank you Shelley! also for me its physcological--if I have something to do or visitors coming -I feel 100% better than if I was sitting around all mopey and self centered. Let us know how you make out- oh and be careful with the herbs- some of them can interact with medicines or cause bad effects in some so ask your dr first. Thinking positive helps too but sooo difficult to do under these conditions. So in closing keeping you in thoughts and prayers!

Hi Janet im so sorry ive taken so long to answer both surgeries have been different the first one leaked and i was 5 mths pregnant praise God we both survived because here in Australia in those days 28 yrs ago they didnt know much about aneurysiums so only one surgeon would operate especially to because i was preg luckly i dont remember i passed out in the shower one morning after having weeks of the worst headaches and pain ever and when the surgeon succeeded in clipping he was so happy and proud i was in hospital for 2 mths i also had a stroke my memory came back after the operation and being preg i didnt have time to rest my baby was born in april 4 mths after clipping and his father left us i dont know how i did it well the second one i had bad headaches again and went to hospital they did an mri and found a lge aneurysium so i had to have another major operation to clip but i was only in hospital for 7 days and being a single mum i was back at work 3 weeks after part of my brain is dead after t hge leaking ive had my son tested because he suffers headaches i hope this helps and i promise ill go on here more often i hope yout well​:100::pray:

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