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I recently posted about my ruptured aneurysm which occurred in Dec of 2011. Because they could not immediately locate the annie, I had it clipped in February. Since my surgery, I have been experiencing EXTREME anxiety/sensations that the floor is moving. I have also developed a fear of going outside and being in social settings. Is this a common symptom and how do I get over this? I am also worried for some odd reason that my clipped aneurysm is going to rupture again or I am going to develop another aneurysm. Life is not the same. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Hi Jameel,
I think we all have feelings of anxiety from dealing with our aneurysms. I wake up in the morning with that old familiar feeling of anxiety of living with an unruptured aneurysm. Then I remember mine was clipped, but still in the back of my mind I still operate as if it could rupture. It has been a little more than 3 months since mine was clipped.
Recently there was another thread asking several questions about symptoms we experience. One of the symptoms was dizziness. The majority of the responders said they experienced from mild to severe dizziness.
You are not alone in your feelings, but I do suggest you follow up with your neurosurgeon and maybe a primary physician. Many times doctors treat us for our physical problems, but forget to review the need for mental and emotional support. One member on this board recently said in a post that many aneurysm survivors experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Many of our symptoms are physical. But it doesn’t hurt after seeing medical experts to also have a check up concerning our emotional well being.
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Hi Jameel!-i think we need more time-especially you, only 6 months, i recently chatted with a lady here who told me i needed more time at 3 yrs post because she was 12 yrs post and recalls her issues being the same as mine are now, just today i spun halfway around & felt dizzy-i think if i went all the way around i would have fell over-like when we were kids! Fear of social settings will get better too- think its time for me to revisit the retirement home where i worked,the first time i was scared,and for good reason-i felt like a human punchin bag, people comin at me from all angles. the four way conversation i had there was most difficult-changing topics every other time. i was still on topic 1 when they have moved on to topic 5,6.But clearly this was not everyday normal situation as i had not been there in 3 years & everyone wanted to say hello-at once!! cause they were into there busy work days-next time will go better im sure.So practice makes perfect is my advice & will also lessen our fears,anyway hang in there-and keep writing here.it seems to do wonders,its like prep for socializing-good luck with your recovery,our thoughts and prayers are with you & yours!


You are definitely not alone. Life is not the same. I do not have anxiety, but I do have depression. Sometimes I get so tired of dealing with the pain, dizziness and other issues. I do not like the commotion of crowds. If too many people are rushing around I have to stop in my tracks until they move past me. I also have trouble walking in an unfamiliar area and have to stop and look directly at the floor as if there are steps or a level change when there is usually not. If the color of the floor changes it is disorienting to me as well. I had physical therapy for balance issues. Maybe that would help you. Come up with coping techniques that work for you. I was at a baseball game with my son and husband and getting to our seats through the crowd was too much for me. I had my son 'blaze a trail'. He led the way, I put my hand on his shoulder and kept my eyes focused on his back so I couldn't see all the people coming at me. That worked for me.

Hi Jameel,

In a few weeks, I will be a 43 year survivor of a ruptured aneurysm. I also have lived all this time with unruptured aneurysms. What I have often found during this time is that many of my strange sensations could be traced to meds. Many beneficial meds, pain killers, anticonvulsants and antidepressants, etc., can also cause strange side effects that vary from pereon to person. So, I will encourage you to check the meds that you are taking to rule out the possibilitiy that they are causing problems for you. I also echo Jo’s recommendation to consult with your PCP who cared for you before surgery and enlist him/her in your ongoing care to evaluate how you are doing and recommend next steps which may include treatments mentioned by others below.

May God continue to bless you and grant you a complete and quick recovery.


i have the same thing, its the new me in my life, try to take aanivert or dramamine , benadryl can help also. maybe a counselor for better meds not to be mean but we all develop something of some sort. if the aneurysm got clipped chances are slim for regrowth my surgeon had to yell at me, lol.let me know what happens. oh my neurologist sent me for physicl therapy and they kind of said thats how i am and i wastold i would never pass a sobriety test.

Jameel, welcome...and I know you will get lots of input from others..

Whether we are clipped or coiled, there are potential impacts on various parts of brain...from tissue, the cells, the cranial nerves; shunts and/or stents, that all affect our sensory and/or motor functions...

Prayers that you get in to a neurologsit or other specialist to help guide you...


Wow.....everyone's comments brought tears to my eyes. I can truly say I feel much more confident and secure after reading your comments. I am only 22 years old and to just think that I almost lost my life so early is just difficult to deal with but knowing that I made it through without any deficits has led me to believe that I must be still living for a reason. Thank you all very much for your input. You really changed my attitude toward dealing with this.

its a pleasure to help

Hi there I still get headaches and dizzyness 10 years on but the more you worry the more the anxiety kicks in and that just makes it all worse.

How I coped with it was having two children after the event that needed me to be strong for them. Go and see Your Dr get the help you need. Jess.xxx