Just looking for advise

trying too not be depressive , but I don't feel very good , I had 3 aneurysms clipped may 2011 .. long recovery ..some long term effects ..but was getting " better " the last 2 months have been awful .. headaches .. just getting worse .. left side feeling of extreme pressure , comes and goes ... and feeling like im going to pass out ..I have to go back to sleep for a couple more hours ..then I can be up for a few more ...then lay back down . my doctors treat me like Im wasting there time .. haven't run ANY tests ...saying im imagining it ??? noticing now that the vien in my left temple is standing out with every headache ... but really small blue line ..


Sorry to hear your Doctors are not taking this seriously. Are you seeing a Neurologist or a headache specialist? Finding what triggers your headaches would be helpful for you and them. It took a long time for my wife and I to find what her triggers were and once we could prove the triggers it became much harder for her Doctors to dismiss her. While there are numerous ways to treat the headaches, way to many Doctors attempt to push antidepressive medications. My wife has tried a few but the antidepressives just changed her personality and did nothing for her headaches. She has had success with Maxalt MLT 10 mg and even better success with non traditional EEG Neurofeedback.

Cathy...so regret to hear of this...

My memory jogs/drops...did you have all three aneurysms treated at the same time?

Have any prescriptions been changed over time?

Hugs...prayers you will get help from your docs...


I agree with Ed ... you need to see a neurologist...and if you are and that isn't helping...the next bad headache go to ER and seek immediate medical assistance ... there they will have to do the necessary tests to check your brain...

Cathy...I am so sorry you are going through all of this...Gotcha in my Thoughts...~ Colleen

Hi Cathy....sorry about what you are going through! Are these new symptoms for you? I really hate to say this but it works.....ask them to run the tests you want IN WRITING, then ask them to justify why they won't IN WRITING and sign. There are many, many good docs out there but also many who need to move on to new careers or should have never entered the profession in the first place. There's something about having things in writing that lights a fire under their hiney! Pressure and light-headedness seem like significant signs if they weren't there before. Keep sticking up for yourself. A CT scan may reveal that you are perfectly fine but then at least you'll know it's part of the recovery process. It really angers me when doctors are so dismissive like that. Are they REALLY saying you are imagining it?? Grrrr!!!!