Coping with the after effects

Hi I had my aneurysm bout 6 six years ago which I had clipped I have head aches most days wich I’m used to but the thing is I have this I don’t no how to explain it one minute I can be fine and the next I am completely drained freezing cold inside my body I feel so ill I cannot explaine been to doctors they don’t seem to understand does any one els have this

Hi Julie...I don't have the freezing cold feeling although I was coiled and not clipped...However, I find myself feeling drained and tired easily and when it happens I feel sick...I just manage my time better and take more time out for breaks...~ Colleen

Fatigue all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep I feel so drained been to the doctors they look at me as if I am crazy x

Thank you xxxx

Julie, I don’t get that cold feeling either but get quite fatigued, as well. It has been almost two years since my clipping. I take a lot of breaks to try to keep from overdoing it. I also have a heart disease that can cause fatigue. But I think the aneurysm has caused most of it.
~ Carol


Has your Thyroid been checked recently? Just a thought...

Peace, Janet

I was about to ask the same. I was just started on a low dose of Armour (for thyroid). I gained 35 lbs after surgery, I'm freezing cold during the winter and tired. I also have lingering side effects from cancer treatment, so sometimes it's hard to tell what's what. My level was just barely at normal and my Dr. wanted me to try this for a few months.

Hi Janet yes they checked it not long ago give me a load of blood atests even one to c if I was on the change but I am not xxxxxx

My head kills me every day and I do get that freezing cold feeling. The doctors do not know why. I am in ovarian failure (not sure what that means exactly) so I suppose it could be that. But the freezing cold feeling only started after the aneurysm.