Headaches and feeling really tired, coiling op was nearly 2 months ago

hi there, im new here but ned your help,im a 39 yr female had 2 aneurysms one which burst 22nd may this year ,theres not alot i can remember about this as it happened so quickly but since coming home im still getting headaches which freaks me out alot ,which was told is normal ive since been back to hospital since the op for an angio,mri, and ct scan and everything is fine. i still get memory lapses i have alot of pain in my neck with creaking i sometimes have this drunken feling i take paracetomol only and this nervousness most the time is all this normal and how long will it last. plz plz help

sorry to add i had coiling done

Hi Dawn,

I just did a search for fatigue on this site and came across your comment from 2010. I had an aneurysm on June 2, 2014 followed by coiling surgery. I sleep about 16 hours a day. I am so impatient to get back to my normal life. How are you doing now? And do you still suffer from fatigue after all of this time?

Kimberly Adams

Hi Kimberly,

I had my rupture 2010. I am fatigued all the time. Morning I see to have the most energy which isn't much. I have gained so much weight because of no energy to anything. I wish and pray for my old life to be back every minute of everyday. I hope you have better outcome than me.


Hi Dawn. I had a SAH 2 years ago. It has taken me about 20 months post aneurysm, to feel some semblance of my old self. Other survivors, will tell you this healing process is slow. It’s like a roller coaster ride. One day you waked up feeling well. And during the cost of the day. You started feeling Ill again. So you have to take it, one day at a time. Yes, headaches are normal. Some survivors have migraines, memory lapses, and chronic pain in the neck. - Which I have and which has continued for 2 years. I can’t seem to turned my neck without pain. My other ailment is balance issues, which I 'm working on with exercise. This journey has been long,and painful, but with God’s help I’m getting better. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I a sure you are tired of hearing this, but Time and Rest...this is a long journey healing to our "new normal"...a "day at a time"...wishing you a good one today ~ Colleen

oops my brain... it was 2012 not 2010 smh...

Hello Dawn,

I had a coil installed on January 2013 and I still suffer from; fatigue, head ache, focusing my eyes. It takes a long time to return to a “normal” life. I thought that the surgery was the most difficult part of the process but, now I know that recovering from the surgery is the most difficult. You have to be very patient, because most the symptoms you have or may have the doctors are going to tell you that they don’t exist or are not real. Is really hard to navigate through this sickness without getting depress, because you feel like no one understand what you going through. But you will get better just take baby steps one day at a time. Hope you feel better.

Hi Dawn, I am 6 months post rupture and coiling and I can attest to the fact that it takes a LONG LONG time to recover!! Don’t feel discouraged. Some days are better than others, and sometimes you will feel like you are back to normal only to have a bad migraine the next day and set you back. I think the hardest part is explaining to everyone else that you aren’t fully healed and that it does take time! Be patient and I promise it gets better. Each month has gotten significantly better for me, and I know that I still have a long way to go. Stay positive! All my doctors have said the brain takes a lot longer to heal than any other body part. Best wishes!