Familial Aneurysms

Please share your brain aneurysm experience (discovery, symptoms, treatment, to recovery) with fellow members of this community.I am 36 years old and have seen anueryms affect multiple family members. Maternal Great Grandfather died in his 50’s of a stroke (type unknown but presumed to have been hemmoragic)Maternal Granmother died of massive cerebral bleed at age 72.Mother diagnosed with 2 anuerysms, wide neck one of which was classified giant at age 60. Giant aneurysm clipped and the other anuerism was coiled and 2 stents put in. Maternal Aunt diagnosed with 3 anueryms, all wide neck. Clipping was recommended but due to her medical history she is having one coiled and pipeline Steiger and the other 2 pipelined.My question: what are the statistics that I will develope an anueryms and is the rate of rupture higher if it is familial. I haven’t been screened yet but plant get a MRA. How prevalent is familial anuerysms in subsequent generations?

Hi Debbie and again Welcome to BAF...!

I feel you will get alot of responses to this question...in my case, no one in the family had a brain aneurysm...I am starting the history...that being said, my neurologist told me it was important for my sisters and their children to have MRI/MRA done...esp one particular sister who suffers from migraines...I told all of them and to date no one has chosen to be pro~active...at least they are informed...

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Hi Debbie,

Welcome to BAF. I had 2 annies, both ICA@ophthalmic, 2mm and a 9mm, the 2mm is being monitored and the 9mm I had the pipeline stent put in. I also have a sister who had an 5mm annie on the anterior communicating artery clipped. My paternal grandmother and her brother both died from annies, but we are not sure what kind or where they were located. My surgeon suggested that all my siblings and their children get tested, of which all have, and so far, only my sister and I have been diagnosed. Hopefully it will stay that way. My doctor says that annies can be familial, but my sister's doctor said, maybe not. Looking at my family history.... I say oh yes they are!

Anyway, best of luck and hopefully when you get your MRA it will be clear.


Hi Debbie, I've had a bit of a shock insight into the family tree these last couple of months. It actually all started just over a year ago. My mothers sister (approx 55 yo) was found in her apartment in Sydney. She had had a massive rupture & taken to hospital. I can remember I was in Brisbane with my mum getting ready to fly home (to North Queensland) and she had a ph call from a Dr asking if they should intervene. My Nan & another aunt were so upset they didn't know what to do. Mum believed everyone deserves someone to fight for them so said do whatever you have to do. They said the clot was bigger than a tennis ball. It was touch & go for a while but she finally stabilised. She's been moving between rehab & full time care ... unfortunately there have been a couple of (unacceptable) accidents while she has been in care ... left alone in shower with skull bone missing, falling out of bed etc.

Anyway just recently another aunt was told that all the sisters should have a CT-A just to make sure it wasn't a family affair. I was then told that my paternal grandfathers sister & mother both died from an aneurysm.

My youngest aunt has a 1-2mm aneurysm which they are watching (all 3 of her sons are clear), my older aunt has what they believe is an aneurysm forming (her son hasn't been tested) & my mum had a 7mm aneurysm (middle, right side). Mum had her aneurysm clipped on 5th Aug and is still very much recovering from that surgery. She's tired & grabs her head a lot but says its not sore (I think she's fibbing). She makes a noise like 2 pieces of wood hitting each other when she eats & is very forgetful (mind you she was before hand but she likes using this as the excuse).

So ... while mum was in hospital her Neuro sent my sister (younger) & I for a CT-A to make sure we were ok. My sister came back clear but they want to rescan her in 4 years & she was told her children should be scanned when they turn 15. I had my scan & they identified a 6mm aneurysm (front, left side). I was sent for an angiogram. Initially the Neuro thought it would be ok to coil but after the angiogram he & the Interventionist believe the best treatment is for it to be clipped. The Neuro called me on a Fri night with the news so to say he caught me off guard is an understatement. He has given me a couple of days to calm down etc & then he is calling me back so I can discuss everything with him calmly. Poor bugger won't know what hit him, I'm already up to 3 pages of questions.

There you go, big family history here in Australia for me - 4 generations.

Hi there my neurosurgeon said they are not hereditory. So for now I will let my kids enjoy being kids if anything happens I am here to see they get a scan, they are 7 and 4 I just want them to enjoy life not have something like this hanging over them cause we alĺ know what that feels like. I was the first and hopefully the last to have one in my family. Jess.xxx

Hi Debbie,

I had an 8mm Right ICA coiled and a 4mm Left ICA on the watch n wait, No family history of annies, of which I now

Best Wishes


hi, and welcome. I had a 8mm rupture in 2009 and i dont know of any family history but my kids do need to get checked from 18 - 35 yrs of age.

Hi Debbie, I was dignosed with two annnie in July. No family history. My doctor advice my kids not to worry bu in case any trauma to get an MRI