Question about family history

Hi, I am looking for some advice. My Dad had a brain aneurysm 12 years ago and was very lucky to survive this. I have only very recently become aware that there can be a genetic link in relation to brain aneurysms. I am not aware of anyone else in the family having had one but my Dad is an only child so we have a very small family. I have done a little research into my risk and have found slightly conflicting information but also quite scary information. Is anyone able to tell me a little more about my risk and whether screening would be recommended in my circumstances.

Many thanks

I have a family history of aneurysms, I lost a brother many years ago, he was only 39, I found mine last year after having vertigo I had an MRI and it was discovered, my remaining siblings had CTA scans and one sister has 2 aneurysms. My 3 adult daughters need scans very 5 years. I was told I should have had a scan after my brother passed away. I feel you should have a scan to put your fears to rest.

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I am the first family member to have a Brain Aneurysm and I was told after my coiling that my other 3 sister's should be checked out...even though no other history...I told my sister's two years ago and to date .. none have went to have an MRA...I think if it was me...I would be checked to be safe then sorry...but everyone is different...Colleen

Hi Lisa,

I didn't think anyone else in my family had a history of aneurysms and that I was the first: well, turns out I was wrong on that, as my Great GrandDad died of a cerebral hemmorage at a young age and then one of his kids died of the same in the early 1960's at the age of 52...To date, i'm not aware of anyone else in my family who's had this sort of problem, but generational skipping is known to occur....My Brother should also be checked, but he's yet to do so even though I've had two annies to date. I hate to say it, but you no doubt should be checked , and it will lighten your load if you know whats what...better to know now then to have something hit you down the line, right? Take care, Janet

Hi Lisa, I am in Sydney Australia, my sister lives in Melbourne her neurosurgeon is happy to monitor her as her 2 aneurysms are small. We are from a family of 10 so 3 out of 10 is very significant, my neurosurgeon would like her to come to Sydney for a second opinion as it is thought that familial aneurysms can rupture at a smaller size. Prior to her diagnosis she had no symptoms.
She will have a CTA annually to monitor any changes. She is no longer stressed about it as she knows it is there, it is small and they grow very slowly, so if there is a change it will show at the next scan.
I had what they call a PED to fix mine in May 2012.

Thank you for your reply Lynn, it’s really useful to gain further information. I hope all is going well with you. Lisa

All is fine, planning our 3rd trip to the uk in 2014, I mind my grandson once a week, I am going back to work one day a week in May. Life is pretty much normal these days.

That’s great to hear. Thanks again

Hello Lisa,

Here in the UK they don't scan for aneurysms unless there is a strong family risk, and i am quoting from a book that the neuro nurse gave Sue my wife as she left hospital "your family are advised to have an MRA scan, this would usually happen if more than one person in your close family has had an SAH. The people advised to have scans would be your first line relatives-parents, children, brothers, sisters..We have four children in late twenties early thirties, we were told by the consultant that they should not smoke, smoking increases your risk of developing aneurysms, Sue was a twenty a day smoker for about 40 years and it was the direct cause of her aneurysms. My daughter was worried about this after Sue was ill she went to the doctors and asked the same questions that must be going through your mind and was told that there was not a significant enough risk. So if you haven't already done this it might be a good idea to stop you worrying. I wouldn't keep reading all the stuff you find on the internet your scare yourself to death. Hope your Dad is better now Best Wishes John & Sue. By the way the book was from the Brain & Spine Foundation

Thank you John and Sue. I really appreciate your reply. Doing more research has scared me to death. I thought that was the case in the UK re scans which is maybe for the best as I’m not sure I would want to know. I plan to arrange to see my doctor shortly and hope they are able to give some further reassurance I really wish I had continued to be oblivious of any potential genetic link. My Dad is doing really well thank you he has some side effects but is very happy to still be here. I hope Sue is getting on well. Best wishes Lisa