How many in your family suffer from aneurysm's?

In my immediate there are four people with aneurysm’s…

My question to you is......How many people in your family suffer from aneurysm's?



Sorry to hear this Mary...

My dad's cousin had a ruptured aneurysm in the early 70's...that is the only person we know of that had an aneurysm in the family ... other than me...seems I am making alot of history for my family...

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I am the only one in my family.

grandfather,mother,me and now my aunt .im the only one that ever had one burst and had the stoke and coiling my daughter has not been checked yet .thanks linda

Hi Linda,

Thank you for responding! How old is your daughter? You really should have her checked, that is so important. In my family my brother died from his, it ruptured, because of that our whole family had to be checked. That is the only reason they found mine, my mother's, and now my sister's. Family history is a very important factor in finding, and fighting these aneurysm's! I very much believe they are also part of the awareness that the BAF teaches. Please bring your daughter in for an MRA, if nothing else, it will bring you peace of mind...


In my immediate family there are three. Not everyone has been checked as of yet though. I hope it remains at three!


Hi Mary,

I have one great uncle that died from a rupture, one 2nd cousin that suffered a brain damaging stroke and now lives on machines, can't do anything for herself not even talk. I have another 2nd cousin that had a rupture she too suffered a stroke and now has limited use of one side of her body. My mother has 3 total. one in her stomach and two in her head. My sister has one and I HAD one. I am the only one out of my mother, sister and I though that they needed to operated on.



Please....have everybody checked!! :) It is so important! And yes, I agree, I also hope it remains at three!

My dad had a rupture in his late 60’s - fully recovered. Since he was the only one, nobody else was screened. Six mos ago, we found I had 3 unruptured aneurysms - one COMPLETELY successfully coiled w/ stent - other 2 being observed as they are quite small. My dad had 7 kids in all, and tho I’ve passed on very specific information, nobody has gotten an MRA. 2 sisters got MRI’s, but that’s not the test to get ---- my MRI was completely normal - everyone needs MRA’s or CTA’s do really diagnose. I pray they will choose to get tested.

Mary...thanks for sharing ... it is so important for all of us...

I am the only one known in my family...overall, always the healthiest from babyhood forward...

We do not know the paternal familial history due to the old days when there was no readily available connections... we do know maternal familial history...

Reason to mention this is for those who have been adopted...who would not know their genetic history...

Jaycie...I recently read some data that all MRI/A's do not have the same quality; thus we should not rely on them... Interesting ...for you to note your results here... Thank you so much...

Oddly, I was given an EEG after my first emergency...which also showed I was normal...

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Mine was found when they did an MRI. The second one was with contrast and then they did a CT scan. All three were done before I ever met the neuro…

hi mary,iknow shes 34 in a couple days been after her for a year now ,she smokes has a lot of stress in her life but her blood pressure is good one thing going for her. i keep after her.

Absolutely none - mine is not genetic based

Had a brother die from one w/ 3 other ones sitting dormant in 1997, also a cousin died. The neuro I was seeing befor I had mine said it wasn’t genetic & I would never have an annie. Boy was he wrong!

My Mom had a brain aneurysm rupture on 4/22 causing her to code, they brought her back but she was in coma, they did a bypass about 24 hours later(no local surgeon), had at least two strokes and heart damage at some point, we made the decision to take her of life support on 5/4 and Mom passed on 5/5. During some of their testing they found two other unruptured aneurysm.

I had an MRA since and no aneurysms found. My Mom's youngest sister was found to have two small unruptured, waiting for her appt. with a neurosurgeon to discuss options. My Mom's two other sisters have MRA's scheduled.

I am 42 years old. Do I need to have another MRA at some point in my life? Do you think my brother and my Aunts sons should have an MRA? How far done the family tree should people get tested? I have two young girls, wondering about them as well.



I believe they are all genetic...

Hi K,

I am so sorry for loss....just awful!

Yes, I think you should be tested again.

If your Aunt has anuerysms, for sure, her whole family needs to be scanned.

My brother died from his aneuysm, it ruptured. Our whole family had to scanned, it was found that me and my mother both had unruptured aneurysms.

Other's in the family did not, but have to be continually scanned every 3 to 5 years. It was just found that my oldest sister now has developed 2 "annies" after being scanned and not having any.

Please keep me updated....I do care :)

Hello everyone. I am new here to this forum. To answer your question, I have only 1 that I know of and that would be my 9 year old son. I have been checking to see if there has been any family history but so far no luck on either side. They seem to think he was born with it.

Hi Jeff,

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9 years old, my God the poor thing!

How did they find it on him, and is he ok?