Familial aneurysms

Because of my strong family history ( mother & sister)I've googled myself stupid in an attempt to find out as much as I can about this. There is a theory of 'anticipation' with familial aneurysm that suggests the second generation will suffer a rupture at a significantly earlier age than the first. I'ld like to hear your experiences of this.



My grandmother suffered a rupture in her 40's. My primary care doc did not feel it was necessary to check me 5 years ago when I had asked and expressed my concerns to him. Well, 1 month ago today I had 1 of my 2 aneuryms coiled. Thankfully I had an MRI due to some other symtoms that were unrelated to my aneuryms and the neurologist I saw asked questions and besides the MRI made the decision to do an MRA as well and that is when I found out that I had 2 aneurysms. I am very thankful for this doctor listening to me and thinking preventative. I am not upset with my primary doc as his reasoning was that 99.9% of insurance companies would not pay for the MRA to "check" to see if I had an anuerysm solely based on my grandmother having one. If you can't get the first doc to order one find one that will! good luck!

A personal friend lost her dad...decades earlier of genetics data...Seven years ago, she lost a son, at 52, to it...after the genetics study...she/family were not advised of the study results...Five years ago, she had a rupture...A friend of hers who had visited me at a reunion, called me for referral data for her children who were in-flight to her...the referral data was the websites etc etc...

Mandy...it is wonderful to know your early treatment...

My curiosity...what is the status of the symptoms that generated the MRI/A now that your aneurysms have been treated?

Thanks...we so often read/hear about the symptoms that result in finding an aneurysm...


Hi, my Great grand dad died fairly young due to what sounds like a ruptured aneurysm, and a great uncle passed away in his late 40's or early 50's from a ruptured aneurysm...I was 36 when I discovered my first annie and had it clipped...44 when another ruptured.

Peace, Janet