This is Maggy's story

Hello, my name is Maggy. I have five Cerebral Aneurysms. I have had three clipped, but there are still two that are not. They say since they are on the outside of the lining of the brain, that they will keep checking them and not clip them. I asked what would happen if they did rupture. I was told that they would not kill me, i would get a extremely bad headache, my speech would be slurry,also my vision would be affected. I have been living the last twenty years thinking about it, going for MRI, now CTA, every year. I am the third generation on my mother's side of the family to have Aneurysms. My mother died at 27 years old from one that ruptured, my grandfather went blind first ,then died of the same. I have two boys that are 23 and 25 that have had a MRI around 15 years ago, they are due again, but i can not get them to go. I keep telling them the family history. I worry about that all the time. I was wondering if anyone else has family history?

Hi Maggy,

I have a clipped aneurysm on the right paraclinoid internal carotid artery. It is three years post surgery. I am 53 years old. My paternal grandmother died at 63 of a ruptured aneursym, so I feel very fortunate to have had mine discovered (completely by accident). The surgeon suggested that my siblings all be checked, none have done so. We have no children so for us we do not have that concern.

You are so lucky to know your family history and be proactive. Blessings to you and your family.

Hi Maggy,

The story is in my family that its beleived that my great grand dad died in his 40's from an annie as well as a great uncle in his 50's....I'm the 1st in this generation (so far at least) to have 2, one in 1998 and another in 2006. I'd like to see my cousins and my brother get tested but so far nobody has. I can only imagine how trying to get your boys to get tested and them not wanting to do so would drive you nuts! I've never known of an aneurysm to form in the lining of the brain--wow--and they can't clip them or deal with them in some other way ? thats got to cause you a great deal of worry! Peace to you as you deal with this, my best to you and I hope your boys come around and get their scans! Janet

I'm an AVM survivor. My sons, both in their late 20's, refuse to have anything to do with image study anything saying if there is something wrong they don't want to know. This even though the type of AVM I had was congenital, not hereditary. On top of that it was not only treatable but in fact 100% curable. Even so my youngest won't go in to help doctors trying to get to the bottom of the headaches he's having. To make matters worse my oldest who's usually quite rational, in this instance is 100% behind his younger brother, backing him in his obstinacy all the way. :(

Hi Maggy and Again Welcome to BAF ~

You can tell your kids and/or family to get checked, but they must want to do it for them too...after my Neuro suggested all three of my sisters get checked esp the one who has suffered with migraines all her date not one of my sisters has gotten themselves checked...and I can't worry, because they are educated adults and need to make their own choices...You definitely have a history, I am starting my family history...wishing you a good day ... thanks for sharing ~ Colleen

Welcome to the family, Maggy. I have family history as well. My dad and aunt both had them. I have 3 children that need to be screened for them. So far none of them have. I agree with Colleen, we can share with them the need to be tested but they need to want to do it for themselves. I am praying that all of them take care of it, but I know financially it is hard as well. I hope that your boys don’t wait too long to have their scans. The Chat Room is also a great place to get to know other members. I hope I get the chance to meet you there sometime. Several of us gather there daily.
Take Care and God Bless,
~ Carol