I was just curious on to how soon people drove if you were diagnosed with third nerve palsy cause I haven’t driven for 2 months now and I am about to go nuts.

Everyone is different...I haven't driven in a couple of years...Thank God I live where I can walk...Have Doctors told you when driving would be an option? wishing you a Happy Friday ~ Colleen

I have to drive every where cause I live so far from everything. My neurosurgeon said I wasn’t allowed to drive cause of my third nerve palsy so hoping when I go to the specialist on Wednesday they tell me I can

Jess...prayers you feel gratified that your doctors were/are truly looking at your, and public, safety..

Have you checked your state's DOL site...may want to search www.iovs.org if you were not directed to... Did your docs restrict your license...w/your state to re-test?

I have learned so much about mine...did pass re-testing... but much to the whole story(ies) now...

Prayers you cherish your doc who addressed 3rd nerve palsy w/you...that is quite exceptional...

Hugs for your comfort...to not drive until you get your neuro-doc status...you truly are blessed ...


Hi Jess,

I also experienced the thrird nerve palsy, and I gave it about 5 months before I got behind the wheel again...not because my Doctor told me so, but due to my persistant double vision--which seems to really hamper ones ability to drive a car ! lol So as soon as I felt able, I drove. Are you in Canada? good number of Canadians have lost their driving privledge due to their aneuyrsms (and their surgeons reporting to the Motor Vehical Dept) Best of luck to you on getting back on the road, Peace, Janet

They have not taken by license, and I live in PA. I am hoping for the best honestly that is all I can do now.

Hey Jess,

I had (have) third nerve palsy and didn’t drive for 4 or 5 months after surgery and then when I did, I drove with a eye patch to eliminate the double vision. After about six months the double Vision was correctable with glasses. We live in the country so have to drive to get anywhere, luckily my in laws live next door and we have great friends.

Give it time. After 3 years I did get a brow and lid lift to eliminate the eye droop.

Keep strong.


Keep us posted Jess...I am hoping the best for you ~ Colleen

I had third nerve palsy after SAH and coiling and my doctor approved me driving about 6 weeks after the coiling. I had to wear an eye patch due to double vision. I stayed off of the big freeways until I could see without the eye patch which was about 4 months out. That was only because I wasn't real comfortable driving with just the one eye but I believe I would have eventually gotten used to that if I had to. I'm 9 mos out now and drive without the eye patch and am able to see with both eyes. I still have double vision if I look up without also tilting my head back but thankfully you don't have to do that to drive. I do get tired driving and riding in a vehicle much more easily than I used to. And I recently discovered I get motion sickness if I ride in the back seat now. It definitely takes time to heal and I'm hoping mine will continue to improve but my improvement has slowed now to the point I can't tell if it is still changing or not.

I got cleared to drive and my left is open. The eye specialist wants to wait till October cause he thinks it may get better with time. It’s only been 2 1/2 months I am so proud of myself.

Congratulations! It is a good day.

Awesome news Jess ! Congrats !!